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“that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth…” Philippians 2:10

Today I saw the last part of this passage “under the earth”  in a new way. In my neighborhood, all the utilities have gone underground. Cable, phone, and I think even some of the electrical wires, are now all zipping through fiber optic pathways. No more tangle of wires weaving across tar-coated poles. It looks nicer as far as the landscape.  But out of sight out of mind, you almost forget they still exist until someone has to dig up the street. Then, what a hassle and a mess! Traffic has to be rerouted. People run late. Blood pressures rise.

Sometimes, God works underground. His love flows as a constant current.  We rely on it, and sometimes consciously forget that it is there, until we need a dose of it in our lives. Like flipping on a switch or remote control. Click. “Oh, there you are God. Hi. I need you.”

But we are the conduit of His love as well. We are supposed to be passing it on. to others, letting it flow through us and our day to day lives. It should underground all of our thoughts and actions.   And yet, we are also constantly under construction.

The old adage, “God isn’t through with me yet” is true. We all need repairs. Our emotions and human-ness can interrupt the flow. Sometimes, God needs to put on His hardhat and start digging down deep. At first, we think it messes up our daily routes. We get a tad annoyed. Right?

God’s constructive work can jam up a few things in our lives, but it is necessary work.  One day we all will have an uninterrupted flow of faith and every knee will bow at the name of Jesus. But not yet. Until then, we are in a construction zone, and miraculously, God’s love still moves along in spite of it.

Lord, let me welcome your digging into my life so I can be a better conduit of your love and commandments. In Jesus’ name that one day everyone will worship, amen.

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courtesy of Begin with Yes

This is a photo spreading around Facebook.  Perfect for the month of February, right?

As a widow, I could get down about not having a valentine.. no anticipated candy or flowers at my door. But God loves on me every single day, and throughout the year He brings me such sweet and fragrant reminders of His inestimable and immeasurable love for me.

I have never canceled a lecture. Last week, I contracted pneumonia and had to. I felt as if I broke a promise…not to mention feeling a bit down about the stack of author copies in the box in the back of my car. But God sent love my way…three times. (He and I have a private joke about threes.)

First a dear friend, who is not a morning person, rose early and dressed to the nines to sit at the lecture site with copies of my books and explain to people.She actually sold several! I owe you big time, Karen.

Secondly, a younger, more techie friend taped the Sunday worship on her phone so I could participate without being there. I lifted me out of my slump. What a privilege to hear everyone else’s voices and recognize them as people I know and love.  I found myself praying for each of them. When I am in church, I tend to focus in on me and God. Thanks, Kati.

Thirdly,  God led me to an amazing woman, N.N. Light,  who has an author’s blog. Her readership is vast, and her tweet stating I was on her blog has been re-tweeted 57 times in the last 24 hours, reaching a potential of over 100,000 followers. Even if 10% preview my book and then 10% of them buy it, my publisher will be dancing a jig!

…and here I wrung my hands, in between coughing spells, over a missing out on a crowd of 40-50.

Thanks, God. Your love shines through.

Where will you find His love-gift in your day? It just may be on the horizon.

...and I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. Ephesians 3:17b-18

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As I watch this little penguin on this video, I ask myself – am I like that?

When I hear my Savior calling do I seek Him earnestly, despite scary obstacles in the way, such as walls and vacuum cleaners are to this little guy? Notice the penguin can only see part of the trainer – the hand first.,out stretched. That is enough for it to recognize it’s protector, and care giver. Then it dashes to it to receive love and attention in a display of pure joy.

Lord, teach me to be more like this precious little penguin.

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I have begun to power walk, well for me it takes all my power to do this, for a half hour early every morning after I have my Bible and coffee time. I live in a large apartment complex, and a few other people are stirring at that daybreak hour. ID-10018835 However, I have begun to notice something that disturbs me down to my core. Averted eyes.

Today, I passed seven people, and only one looked at me and returned my smile – a child. Everyone else turned away, or changed directions when they saw me approaching with my water bottle, walking shoes, and sweat-beaded brow. Now surely an overweight, sixty-year old 5’2′ woman is not threatening. So, instead of thinking it was all about me, I began to observe that they reacted the same way to others who were heading for their cars, walking their pets or taking out their trash. No one acknowledged the presence of anyone else. Heads down, eyes averted, they went about their business.

What happened to the friendly “howdy” and wave? When did people become so wary, so sullen, and so solitary? When did we begin to disconnect from each other? Is cyberspace to blame? Population growth? Unstable economy? I think those may be symptoms, but the disease is greater than that.

People are lost. They have no hope. They need a Savior.

Such is the destiny of all who forget God; so perishes the hope of the godless. Job 8:13

How can we help people to hope again?  By showing them our hope that is unmovable.  .

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Psalm 62:5

I will continue to walk, and continue to nod and smile. Maybe the small silver cross I wear will catch their attention. Perhaps they will see something in me they are lacking. And maybe, just maybe, after our eyes begin to connect, they will let me get close enough to wish them a good day and to tell them I hope God, who is the source of my hope, blesses them. I just might be the one person who smiles to them, or acknowledges them positively with caring eyes.

I also hope I start to jiggle less and less as I walk more and more .But, at least now God has given me a purpose outside of myself for my morning strolls. I walk to bring hope to averted eyes.

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As I listened to a Christian radio broadcast in the car, a message came through the airwaves into my heart. The DJ simply said:

                    Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less.

Growing up, I was shunned by the in-crowd who were the children of parents’ friends. It left deep scars on my psyche. Bolstered by my late husband, who never complimented me on anything but was quick to riducle my faults, I battled a deep-seeded self esteem problem. That is until I truly discovered Christ’s love for me. The immensity of that love began to sink into the corners of my mind, though I doubt I will ever fully understand it. But as I open myself to experience His love more and more, I dsicover that I hate myself less.

ID-100142606Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, but lack of pride is one as well. Both foster the same result- a skewed image of self that is not the one God intends for us to have.  Pride thinks too much of self, while poor self esteem thinks not enough.

But, and this is key, both have the mirror planted firmly in front, focused mostly on self. All else – friends, family and even God – are in the peripheral vision.

Woman MeditatingHowever, when we think of ourselves less, we then can think more on things that are above. We center our thoughts in Christ Jesus instead of ourselves.  We don’t think about how we will come across, what others may think, or what they might say behind our backs. Instead, we think more of the wonderfulness of His love for us and for others, so we are more open to being His voice in a hurting world. We see more miracles, feel more passion, and experience the humbled joy of being more useful.

I guess in this case, the adage is true: Less is more.

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Our riverI’m a river rat – born and raised. Last weekend I was blessed to have time off so I could head back to my river, the Guadalupe, which meanders through the Texas Hill Country like an emerald-green ribbon. Quiet ripples coax you along its path, splattered by occasional shallows and rapids which are tame by most standards, but great for novice kayakers like me. I’d never been in one until my sister persuaded me to give it a try.

What a peace. Immersed in beauty, I floated along, the kayak barely making a sound as it skimmed the waters.  There I was, home! with the sun on my back and with someone I dearly love right beside me, telling me what to do and encouraging me to keep trying.  It reminded me of what it must have been like for Eve and Adam to walk in the Garden with God – before the Fall.

Then, the sky opened up and peltered soft rain, popping the water with thousands of diamonds. Through the sun’s rays we could see the rain making a thin, veil-like waterfall as it cascaded down onto the shore.  What an image of God’s mercies – after the Fall. Because His Son, our Lord went to the Cross, we are washed anew in the outpouring of His love.

I always find God on the Guadalupe. Where do you find Him?

Will you share that in the comments?

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Awesome song of God’s powerful love

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