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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

I found another word twist. I know, I know…but read on. The following two words have the same letters, just in different order. Here they are—


One backs away and quits, the other rolls up the sleeves and gives it another go.

It all depends on where you put the “R” and the “I”. So, what are the “R” and “I”?

I see them as Reason and Interest. Those are the two things that drive us to continue the road we are on or to choose another path. Whatever holds your interest, for whatever reason, will dictate your involvement.  When your interest loses its reason, you give up. But when the reason sparks your interest, you keep trying.

Looking at the verse above (also found in Luke 12:34), I had to ask myself what do I treasure? What piques my interest? What is my passion?  And what is the reason that it does?

Recently I have been questioning and re-evaluating if I should continue to do what I have been doing.  Since most of what I do is writing for Christians, and trying to make a living at it, I questioned if my doubts were from God or the devil. Was God closing a door, or was it being pushed? Should I concentrate on my regular job and ask for a raise or continue to divide my time between the two? Not that I take much stock in astrology, but I’ve been really acting like a Gemini lately. One foot in two worlds.

So, I prayed. I prayed for the reason I write to re-spark my interest. Which, I guess, reveals my heart.

Will I retire from this keyboard or try again?

Perhaps the fact that I am writing this is part of the answer.  Yep, I guess you will be reading these posts a bit longer. May God use them to His glory.

That is reason enough.

Still, I hope they keep you interested.



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Pray for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.                  1 Timothy 2:2 NIV

vote-1319435__180I always took the first part of the passage as an action. In my church, each Sunday we pray for the president, governor, Congress, city council and mayor. Over my life there have been times I gritted my teeth, but prayed anyway, out of obedience. After all, that is what Scripture tells us to do, right?

But God brought the second half of the verse into focus for me today. Perhaps because of the anxiety people are feeling over the presidential election in a few weeks.

So how we can live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness…not at the elected officials’ hands, but in assurance we have placed them in God’s hand, our ultimate authority.

We cannot totally depend on humans to handle or solve our national, state or local problems, no matter what they promise.God Bless America  But we can act out what our coinage states and place our elected officials and this nation’s people under God’s care, trusting in Him.  In other words, pray for them.  We may not see a change in their attitudes or beliefs, but we may see one in us.  Our hearts may become more palatable to loving our neighbors and our enemies. Our anxieties or frustrations may minimize. Hope may bubble up a bit more in our souls.

Then and only then will we find peace and quiet, godly living and His holiness.




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Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise.  Proverbs 6:6

ant-44588_1280I watched in wonder at the scene laying out a few inches from my feet. As some ants scurried in a line over the sidewalk to carry minute morsels back to their mound, one little ant dragged a piece of straw three times his length. At first the others skirted around him coming and going. I could almost hear their grumbling. “Look at that guy?” “Leave it to Joe to drag a stupid twig.” “Please, can’t he fall in line?”

On he trudged with his prize, not wavering in his quest. (I guess it was a “he”.) What tenacity. Finally, when he got to the entrance he stopped. How to get a stiff, horizontal piece of straw to bend and fit perpendicularly down that hole? He tried. Failed.Tried. Failed.

I held my breath. I almost reached down to help, then thought better of that idea. I might get stung!

Soon, three more ants came to his aid. Then a few others. The small stick  became covered with insects, each lending their strength to the task. At last, enough of them tugged, lifted and dragged the straw into their nest.

I cheered. People stared. Shrugging, I continued my walk.

But I saw a God-lesson in it. If we don’t give up, if we keep trying our hardest, eventually we will be able to proclaim, as Paul says: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 2 Timothy 4:7  Yet, Paul admitted he couldn’t do it alone. He had help from God, and from his followers.

There will be times we may have to accept help—just like that ant. If you are faced with a task and it is harder than you thought it might be, will you accept assistance, or stubbornly hiss between your teeth that you are bound and determine to do it yourself? I think sometimes God sends others to help us not only to benefit us, but them as well.

I wonder if the ants celebrated and patted each other on the back? Who knows? But, I bet like me, God cheered.

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I READ A DEVOTIONAL TODAY BY TIA GLENN-COOKE, A CHRISTIAN WHO BATTLES DEPRESSION. She said, “The only way I have found to keep myself alive and hopeful is to look for His divine brushstrokes through what sometimes feels like infinite smears of black; to open my heart to those who can speak truth into my life.”


by Heather MacLean Smith

As a child, I made scratch art. Did you? You color the background in different hues and then cover it in black crayon. Next you use a sharp object to etch through the black to reveal the colors. A beautiful picture emerges. When I read her words, I thought of that scratch art.

God gives us a canvas filled with His colorful glory, but life begins to color over it at times. Hurts, anger, unfortunate tragedy, violence, job loss, broken marriages, severed relationships- these blacken our lives.

However, Our precious Lord can create beauty from ugliness, turn ashes into life and purpose the things that happen to us for ministry. His love, sharper than a two edged sword,can begin to scrape away the black to reveal the work of art we are. There will still be black areas because that defines  life in a fallen world. But, He uses that to bring forth something spectacular.

As He scrapes and scratches, it may hurt. Maybe we don’t get why this is happening. But eventually, others will see, and then we will as well, the marvelous work He is doing in our lives.




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This was taken as tornadic clouds formed recently over Oklahoma.

Who has gone up to heaven and come down?  Whose hands have gathered up the wind? Who has wrapped up the waters in a cloak?  Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is his name, and what is the name of his son?  Surely you know!  Proverbs 30:4


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While lecturing and book signing in San Antonio, I spent the night with my sister. When I blurry-eyed stepped into her shower, this is what greeted me.



SIN AROMA. I had to laugh. It was 6:30 in the morning and I’d already found God today. San Antonio is a bilingual city, so labels are in English and Spanish. “Sin Aroma” means “unscented”, But it got me to thinking. What is the aroma of sin? Isn’t it often undetectable?  Unlike natural gas, which is also undetectable, nothing is added to temptations to let us know danger lurks. No nasty, scrunch up your nose odor to warn us to back away.

The father of lies’s temptations are often what we think we want, need or even believe is God’s will for us. So we dash ahead without taking it to God in prayer first for verification and blessing.

James wrote in his letter, “Then after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin, and sin, when it is full-grown, give birth to death.” (1:15)

Then fact that sin can wash over our body and we still “feel clean” is evidence that we live in a fallen world. But when we become the Body of Christ and He lives in us, sin’s enticement is more detectable. The more we allow ourselves to be washed in His Blood, the more protected we will become.  As believers, we all need a “body wash” (jabon corporal) at least once a week (worshiping corporately) to slough off the sins that have begun to stick to us like sweat.  As individuals, just as we cleanse our skin each day, let us also remember to wash our souls.

Now everyone sing…”What can wash away our sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus…”


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As I  glanced for oncoming traffic before I turned the corner, my eyes absorbed the whole tragic scene and immediately pooled with tears. A chunk of my heart ripped into my throat.

I saw the flashing EMS lights, and two EMT’s wheeling an old woman on a gurney. Another EMT helped an elderly, hunched-over man, white hair and beard disheveled, with a cane. His shoulders heaved up and down as his face reddened with tears.

But, I was turning the other way to head for a meeting. Besides, what could I do? I’d never been in this neighborhood. I’d never seen this couple in my life, but the connection was immediate. I recall the morning when they wheeled my late husband away on the gurney. Six hours later at the hospital we pulled the plug…

I scanned my Facebook home page and saw an acquaintance’s report about her teenage son’s latest set back with cancer. Just home from the hospital after months of chemo and infection fighting, they were back in the ER, in a city hours away from me. I recalled the times my own son was in the hospital fighting for his life…

I saw on the news a young family left homeless by an apartment fire. Their dog didn’t make it out. The small child squeezed her mother’s hand as she wailed for her lost friend, and watched her home devoured by the flames. I was reminded of the night my room caught on fire…

Then, situations I cannot fathom flash into my life via the internet, TV and radio.

Another plane halfway around the world has crashed. More lives lost…

An insane and upset person opens fire on an innocent gathering of people…

Sixty children are left in a truck in the middle of the summer, most likely smuggled in by traffickers. Most are dying, if not already dead…

What could I do?

Do you ever feel that way? Someone wiser than I once said we are not human beings but human doings. When we hear of a tragedy, we immediately ask, “What can I do?”

Praying hands_God whispered the answer into my faith ear once again and it dashed to my soul. PRAY – it is the best you can do. Prayer opens the floodgates of Heaven, and multiplies our capabilities a thousandfold. Prayer connects the Almighty with the weak and hurting. Jesus prayed for others until His dying breath. He prays for us still.

Why do we so often underestimate its power?

Why do we feel we need to do more? Maybe because praying doesn’t seem like doing. Our hands are still and folded, not busy. Results are often not immediate, though they can be.

If, when you are made aware of a tragedy, you can physically render aid, do so. But as you dash to “do” that, lift the whole thing into God’s capable hands. Pray He gives you the tools you need to help and the right words to say.  But, if you don’t feel capable or are too removed from the scene, then call on the One who loves more deeply and knows more vastly what is going on.

Pray… it’s what all of us believers could, and should “do.”

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I have begun to power walk, well for me it takes all my power to do this, for a half hour early every morning after I have my Bible and coffee time. I live in a large apartment complex, and a few other people are stirring at that daybreak hour. ID-10018835 However, I have begun to notice something that disturbs me down to my core. Averted eyes.

Today, I passed seven people, and only one looked at me and returned my smile – a child. Everyone else turned away, or changed directions when they saw me approaching with my water bottle, walking shoes, and sweat-beaded brow. Now surely an overweight, sixty-year old 5’2′ woman is not threatening. So, instead of thinking it was all about me, I began to observe that they reacted the same way to others who were heading for their cars, walking their pets or taking out their trash. No one acknowledged the presence of anyone else. Heads down, eyes averted, they went about their business.

What happened to the friendly “howdy” and wave? When did people become so wary, so sullen, and so solitary? When did we begin to disconnect from each other? Is cyberspace to blame? Population growth? Unstable economy? I think those may be symptoms, but the disease is greater than that.

People are lost. They have no hope. They need a Savior.

Such is the destiny of all who forget God; so perishes the hope of the godless. Job 8:13

How can we help people to hope again?  By showing them our hope that is unmovable.  .

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Psalm 62:5

I will continue to walk, and continue to nod and smile. Maybe the small silver cross I wear will catch their attention. Perhaps they will see something in me they are lacking. And maybe, just maybe, after our eyes begin to connect, they will let me get close enough to wish them a good day and to tell them I hope God, who is the source of my hope, blesses them. I just might be the one person who smiles to them, or acknowledges them positively with caring eyes.

I also hope I start to jiggle less and less as I walk more and more .But, at least now God has given me a purpose outside of myself for my morning strolls. I walk to bring hope to averted eyes.

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Two blog  posts  hit my inbox today–  one from an anti-trafficking missionary, another from a writer of devotionals. One in the field, one at a desk. Same message: it can’t be about you.

“Your eyes and heart need to be constantly on Jesus. Not on the circumstance or the evil that you know exists, but the love you know is eternal.” Prayer For Freedom 

“Why would God call, consecrate, and commission us to share our faith, when many believers experience perceived failure and consider it mission: impossible? Often, perception doesn’t reflect reality. Actually, God never asks us to perform a task without empowering and equipping us to accomplish His task.”  Allan Mitchell – Power to Change

There is one thing which will stop the message of the GOSPEL from reaching the ears who need to hear it…my pride. To share the love of ID-10056738Christ, I must not worry about rejection, rolling eyes or retracting footsteps. I am to, when prompted,  share what I know: Jesus loves me and you so much He died to be with us,  He is the one gift we are supposed to re-gift.

Whether that truth comes out in actions, in words, or in a smile, I am not the one giving the gift of Life.  My Lord is, through me. I am just the one who delivers the package. Christ i  s the present that can be clutched to the heart, or left on the table unopened. I may be the first person to offer the gift, or the fiftieth. Each time, it is up to the receiver to accept it, lay it aside, or toss it in the trash,

Lord keep me from focusing more on the method of delivery instead of the gift, which is You. Let me realize I am not the one they are accepting or rejecting, I am only the one You have deemed to be the person who knocks on their door and says, “Delivery.”

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

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ID-10032011Where did I see God today? It was in the eyes of several women.

I saw Him dancing in the eyes of an elderly woman who still loves life, even though she limps with a cane. She puts others ahead of herself in conversations, in deeds, and in her prayers.

I saw God in another woman who is in her second year of widowhood.Her shoulders aligned a bit straighter. Her mannerisms appeared more settled and relaxed, and laughter glistened in her eyes. Being a widow myself, it is always good to see another who has scaled the steep walls of the grave’s grief and is now basking above in the sunshine of God’s care.

And I saw God in the eyes of a dear friend and her husband who went through a horrendous car accident and spent weeks in recovery. My heart warmed as they exchanged the glances of a deeply committed love while playing with their grandchild.

Finally I saw My Lord in the smiles of a single mom who has finally learned if you place Christ first in your life, then all else will fall into place- kids, finances, even loneliness in the middle of the night.

All very different women. Yet all have one thing in common- a blossomed faith that has enabled them to overcome the circumstances life has dealt them. All, like me, had been weak but are now strong in Christ because they chose to yoke to Him and have let Him carry their burdens.

Knowing of their pasts, as I witness each stroll the path God had given them with joy in their faces and peace in their countenance, it has strengthened my walk with Him as well.

Where do I see God? At work in these women whom I cherish. I thank Him for letting our paths intersect.

When faced with a ID-10031659challenge in your life, which path will you choose? The one in which you try to handle it on your own, or the ones these wise women took?

Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in Your truth and teach me for You are God My Savior and my hope is in You all day long.   Psalm 24:4-5





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