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The online dictionary defines the word plight as “a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation.” Many people may think that describes 2020.

I disagree. For me, I choose to define plight as:

Purpose Lies In God’s Holy Timing.

Call me unrealistic, but I prefer to think that God purposes our plights.  Paul did as well. He told the Roman Christians,  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (8:28).  If anyone experienced plight over and over it was Paul. Prison, beatings, hunger, poverty, loss of pride, being misunderstood by his peers, rejected by his mentors, stonings, shipwrecks, and being temporarily blinded. Finally executed by the government he had once been so proud to be a part of.

Finding purpose in my plight gives me encouragement. It turns me from inwardly negative thoughts to outwardly positive ones. Instead of seeing things as senseless, it helps me make sense of them. Pollyanna-like optimism? Perhaps.  But over and over it is what I choose because to do otherwise would be to sink into the pit of despair. Only when I hold it inside does it control me. When I give it to God to use, it frees me.

I believe God knows all, sees all, and loves us all.  Whatever I go through, I am confident it will either

  • strengthen me
  • help me rely more on God
  • teach me how to handle
  • correct a flaw in my character
  • bring me a reason to look for my blessings, which I may have been ignoring
  • give others hope

Is there a purpose in my plight? If there isn’t, then my faith is shallow, my God is harsh, and my life is meaningless. NO. I refuse to accept that.

Above all else, I know that God is there and He cares. The proof is in the ways He has purposed my plight in the past…and in yours.

Can I get an

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“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8
In school I was taught the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In the school of faith, I have learned God doesn’t always take the shortest route. More often than not He meanders.
A sprinkler began to leak at my apartment complex. The parking lot is sloped on purpose so the runoff will head for the creek beyond the trees. Easiest way for the water to flow? Diagonal straight line. Or so I’d think.
But it doesn’t. It makes weird twists and turns through the asphalt and concrete, being thwarted and changing directions by things I cannot see, or do not notice. It flows one way, then another, then another. Slowly…eventually, it will get to where it is supposed to be headed.
I stared at the trailing stream of water and saw my life. Very few times have things turned out as I planned. A circumstance suddenly altered my path. Something I couldn’t see. It led me a new direction for a while. At times I felt off track, and yet, from a bird’s eye view,  I was headed  the way I was supposed to go after all.
Once again I found a tangible way to remember to have faith. God is directing my path, when I let Him. Some obstacles are my doing, many are for His purpose. His ways are not mine. But eventually, I will get to where I need to go. There are lessons to learn along the way as I meander through His merciful and grace-filled landscape called life.
Lord, keep me flowing in the way You have designed. You are the source-spring of Living Water that flows through me and directs me in the way I need to go. Amen.

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Somehow eight minutes elapsed between the time I last glanced at the clock to when I got in my car. Now, I ran behind. Arrgh. I hate to be late.

traffic_light_05Of course the first traffic light I came to turned red just as I drove up. Really? One of the longest lights in my city and I am stuck at it. My fingers tapped the steering wheel as my gaze kept darting from the stop symbol to the clock on my dashboard.

Finally, green. Then, from there on in, I sailed through the next four lights, all on green! Even the left turn one onto the highway. Hurrah! Lo and behold I made up those few minutes I’d spent in frustration waiting for the first traffic light to change.

Oh – another God-lesson seeped into my brain and I slid down in my seat feeling a bit sheepish. Sometimes waiting is good. Okay, I get that.

God may have us halt for a while, but that is because it is in our best interest. It is not yet time for us to move. But when we do, in His timing, then we zip along and everything is a “go”.
Have you had that happen to you? I have. It is if every possible obstacle suddenly parts like the Red Sea. When we are in His will, paths are made straight. Waiting on God to say “Go” is well worth the wait…every time.

The next time I am getting impatient, Lord may I recall the traffic light lesson. Thank you for letting me find You today as I stared at the red, waiting for the green.

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courtesy of faithshare.com

courtesy of faithshare.com

For the past several days we have had waves of rain in North Texas. Thus, I have been carrying a pop-out umbrella in my purse…just in case.  It caused me to ponder… how’s my spiritual umbrella?

Umbrellas do not stop the rain or even slow it down, they divert it.  They act as a circular barrier. They move with you so, as you go, the rain drenches the umbrella instead of on you.

Now, some  people find it a hassle to carry an umbrella. They dash through the rain trying to stay as dry as possible. Others stroll along as they get soaking wet as if accepting that as their fate.  Not me. I want protection.

Scripture is our umbrella. It will not stop the stormy days in our lives, but it will shield and protect us when they rumble through. God’s Word covers us in a peace that isn’t affected by circumstances. But we have to be prepared. It is up to us to carry it with us. We can choose to dodge the rainstorms of this life on our own, or resolved that we are inevitably doomed to get soaked. Or, we can open up God’s Word and seek shelter underneath it’s Truth.

Look at an umbrella. It is cloth covering spikes that start in the center and branch out. Christ is our center and branching out of Him are peace, trust, assurance, mercy, grace, everlasting life – all the reminders we need when we are faced with a sudden downpour of negativity, hurt, tragedy or despair. His love is our refuge, our shield, our strong cover against trouble (to paraphrase Psalm 46:1).

The next time your life darkens and thunder rumbles, what will you do? Dash to find shelter on your own, trudge through it with a frown, or  pop open the Word of God and be sheltered?


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I READ A DEVOTIONAL TODAY BY TIA GLENN-COOKE, A CHRISTIAN WHO BATTLES DEPRESSION. She said, “The only way I have found to keep myself alive and hopeful is to look for His divine brushstrokes through what sometimes feels like infinite smears of black; to open my heart to those who can speak truth into my life.”


by Heather MacLean Smith

As a child, I made scratch art. Did you? You color the background in different hues and then cover it in black crayon. Next you use a sharp object to etch through the black to reveal the colors. A beautiful picture emerges. When I read her words, I thought of that scratch art.

God gives us a canvas filled with His colorful glory, but life begins to color over it at times. Hurts, anger, unfortunate tragedy, violence, job loss, broken marriages, severed relationships- these blacken our lives.

However, Our precious Lord can create beauty from ugliness, turn ashes into life and purpose the things that happen to us for ministry. His love, sharper than a two edged sword,can begin to scrape away the black to reveal the work of art we are. There will still be black areas because that defines  life in a fallen world. But, He uses that to bring forth something spectacular.

As He scrapes and scratches, it may hurt. Maybe we don’t get why this is happening. But eventually, others will see, and then we will as well, the marvelous work He is doing in our lives.




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