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I READ A DEVOTIONAL TODAY BY TIA GLENN-COOKE, A CHRISTIAN WHO BATTLES DEPRESSION. She said, “The only way I have found to keep myself alive and hopeful is to look for His divine brushstrokes through what sometimes feels like infinite smears of black; to open my heart to those who can speak truth into my life.”


by Heather MacLean Smith

As a child, I made scratch art. Did you? You color the background in different hues and then cover it in black crayon. Next you use a sharp object to etch through the black to reveal the colors. A beautiful picture emerges. When I read her words, I thought of that scratch art.

God gives us a canvas filled with His colorful glory, but life begins to color over it at times. Hurts, anger, unfortunate tragedy, violence, job loss, broken marriages, severed relationships- these blacken our lives.

However, Our precious Lord can create beauty from ugliness, turn ashes into life and purpose the things that happen to us for ministry. His love, sharper than a two edged sword,can begin to scrape away the black to reveal the work of art we are. There will still be black areas because that defines  life in a fallen world. But, He uses that to bring forth something spectacular.

As He scrapes and scratches, it may hurt. Maybe we don’t get why this is happening. But eventually, others will see, and then we will as well, the marvelous work He is doing in our lives.




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