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He shall come down like rain upon the mown field, like showers that water the earth.  Psalm 72:6

Dad would always rush to mow the grass when he heard a rainstorm was headed our way. He said that the newly-cut grass would better absorb the water. It would grow more lush and thick. The mowing scattered the bugs that like to gnaw on the blades of grass, too. (It’s also easier to clean the lawnmower blades, but that’s not the point.) So he prepared the lawn for the blessing on the horizon.

I recall opening my bedroom window and smelling the freshly cut grass mixed with the rain in the air as it began dampening the soil. Now if Glade could capture that aroma in an air freshening spray…

So, when we read Psalm 72 in church, that verse made me smile as warmth spread over my heart. The psalmist also knew that aroma. He understood the importance of rain on a freshly mowed field.

I think God mows us down a bit in order to prepare us for the blessings on the horizon, too. He trims us so we can better receive His mercy and grace. We become more aware of His presence as He cuts a bit into our lives. And it scatters the negativity gnawing at our hearts. We grow better in His ways when we are trimmed back and are then more apt to soak in His blessings when they pour down upon us.

So during the next dry spell in your life,  when you are not sure where God is in it all, listen for the sound of the heavenly lawnmower getting ready to prepare you for the blessings to follow. We all need a good trim now and then.  Can you smell the sweetness of His mercy?

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courtesy of faithshare.com

courtesy of faithshare.com

For the past several days we have had waves of rain in North Texas. Thus, I have been carrying a pop-out umbrella in my purse…just in case.  It caused me to ponder… how’s my spiritual umbrella?

Umbrellas do not stop the rain or even slow it down, they divert it.  They act as a circular barrier. They move with you so, as you go, the rain drenches the umbrella instead of on you.

Now, some  people find it a hassle to carry an umbrella. They dash through the rain trying to stay as dry as possible. Others stroll along as they get soaking wet as if accepting that as their fate.  Not me. I want protection.

Scripture is our umbrella. It will not stop the stormy days in our lives, but it will shield and protect us when they rumble through. God’s Word covers us in a peace that isn’t affected by circumstances. But we have to be prepared. It is up to us to carry it with us. We can choose to dodge the rainstorms of this life on our own, or resolved that we are inevitably doomed to get soaked. Or, we can open up God’s Word and seek shelter underneath it’s Truth.

Look at an umbrella. It is cloth covering spikes that start in the center and branch out. Christ is our center and branching out of Him are peace, trust, assurance, mercy, grace, everlasting life – all the reminders we need when we are faced with a sudden downpour of negativity, hurt, tragedy or despair. His love is our refuge, our shield, our strong cover against trouble (to paraphrase Psalm 46:1).

The next time your life darkens and thunder rumbles, what will you do? Dash to find shelter on your own, trudge through it with a frown, or  pop open the Word of God and be sheltered?


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I saw this on Facebook –

1487304_10202985527502930_829738040_nWant peace? Well, does God’s favor rest upon you?

It does, if you stay still and let it pour down upon you. I see God’s favor raining down from Heaven like a soft, spring shower onto a dry, winter-beaten, parched land. It is freely given, but do we take advantage of it?

When rain comes,  how many of us dash for cover as the first plop hits the pavement?  Or do we grab an umbrella to keep from getting drenched and trudge through it, grumbling? Or hold something over our head to ward off the rain drops from spotting our good clothes and messing up our hair?

Or, do we dance in the puddles and laugh? Twirl carefree in the spray as others shake their heads and click their teeth at us. It probably depends on what’s on our minds at the time, right? Does the rain interrupt our agenda?ID-1004856

Now, how often do we miss God’s favor because we try to cover ourselves with the umbrella of pride, or with the covering of prejudice, or with a raincoat of self-reliance?  How often are we determined to do it our way,depend on our own defenses? How often do we anticipate the worse when we see the clouds rolling in and assume it will mess up our day?

ID-100169595Have you seen flowers in the rain? Their petals get wet. They may bend to the ground as the drops splatter them. But, the rains soaks deep into their roots, and the water seeps into their leaves. After the shower passes, they stretch towards the out-coming sun and, now washed clean, their petals are more colorful. With the dust and dirt rinsed away, their leaves can soak in the benefits of the sun. They did nothing to receive the rain and the sun. But they soak both in when it is given and thrive.

Before the rainbow, the rain must come. Both are from God. Both are freely given for our benefits, and like the flowers, we must receive them in order to be filled with peace. It is only when we give God the glory in all circumstances that we open our souls to receive his favor.God is not just a fair-weathered friend.

This new year- choose to welcome God in your life- rain or shine. ID-100141400No matter the weather brewing in your souls, open yourselves to Christ. Drench yourself in His favor. He loves you- glorify Him for that. Soak in the Son and receive His benefits. Even if you can’t see their purpose, they will be revealed. Trust that He is with you – Emmanuel.

Now, that’s peace. Rest assured.

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1


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A friend and I were hitting the thrift stores in search of clothes. She needed white shirts for her new job, and I needed more professional wear.  After four years of freelance writing in sweats and PJs at home for a living, my wardrobe was pretty bare. Since they are low-paying, part-time jobs, (hey, but in this economy both are pure gifts from God) neither of us could afford mega bucks on our attire.

Of course the day we both had off was a rainy one (another gift from God on the parched north Texas land that had been seared by 100 plus temps most of the summer). All day a soft, steady downpour peltered the city. At the last store, we had to park at the back of the lot. As we dashed, huddled under umbrellas, the wind picked up. The rain pour intensified.

We saw a family up ahead.  The mother and little girl were crammed together under an umbrella. The mother’s arm was around the child as her other hand held the umbrella’s pole. The child studderstepped to match her mom’s footsteps. The mom would slow down, then start walking quickly again.  Behind them was the father, holding the tip of the umbrella’s canopy with both hands so it would not flip upward. He was getting soaked, but with undaunted care, he maneuvered the umbrella’s spread with their steps so his two loved ones stayed as dry as possible.

courtesy of faithshare.com

Is that not what our Heavenly Father does for us? His love and grace covers us, like an umbrella against   the downpours of life. His Spirit acts as our guide, but also hovers, just like that dad, making sure we stay protected. Like the daughter underneath, if we keep matching our steps with His, we will stay dry. If we do get a bit damp, it is better than what would have happened if we were on our own. Besides, that family was heading into a store to buy dry, clean clothes. How much more awaits us at our final destination if we follow God’s directives?

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