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Our riverI’m a river rat – born and raised. Last weekend I was blessed to have time off so I could head back to my river, the Guadalupe, which meanders through the Texas Hill Country like an emerald-green ribbon. Quiet ripples coax you along its path, splattered by occasional shallows and rapids which are tame by most standards, but great for novice kayakers like me. I’d never been in one until my sister persuaded me to give it a try.

What a peace. Immersed in beauty, I floated along, the kayak barely making a sound as it skimmed the waters.  There I was, home! with the sun on my back and with someone I dearly love right beside me, telling me what to do and encouraging me to keep trying.  It reminded me of what it must have been like for Eve and Adam to walk in the Garden with God – before the Fall.

Then, the sky opened up and peltered soft rain, popping the water with thousands of diamonds. Through the sun’s rays we could see the rain making a thin, veil-like waterfall as it cascaded down onto the shore.  What an image of God’s mercies – after the Fall. Because His Son, our Lord went to the Cross, we are washed anew in the outpouring of His love.

I always find God on the Guadalupe. Where do you find Him?

Will you share that in the comments?

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