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As I listened to a Christian radio broadcast in the car, a message came through the airwaves into my heart. The DJ simply said:

                    Don’t think less of yourself, think of yourself less.

Growing up, I was shunned by the in-crowd who were the children of parents’ friends. It left deep scars on my psyche. Bolstered by my late husband, who never complimented me on anything but was quick to riducle my faults, I battled a deep-seeded self esteem problem. That is until I truly discovered Christ’s love for me. The immensity of that love began to sink into the corners of my mind, though I doubt I will ever fully understand it. But as I open myself to experience His love more and more, I dsicover that I hate myself less.

ID-100142606Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, but lack of pride is one as well. Both foster the same result- a skewed image of self that is not the one God intends for us to have.  Pride thinks too much of self, while poor self esteem thinks not enough.

But, and this is key, both have the mirror planted firmly in front, focused mostly on self. All else – friends, family and even God – are in the peripheral vision.

Woman MeditatingHowever, when we think of ourselves less, we then can think more on things that are above. We center our thoughts in Christ Jesus instead of ourselves.  We don’t think about how we will come across, what others may think, or what they might say behind our backs. Instead, we think more of the wonderfulness of His love for us and for others, so we are more open to being His voice in a hurting world. We see more miracles, feel more passion, and experience the humbled joy of being more useful.

I guess in this case, the adage is true: Less is more.

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