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Her eyes glimmered and her lips pressed into a straight line. “You have touched my heart. I have to buy something so something to help.” She swallowed, her eyes panned like a camera over the wares spread on the table. She carefully touched one, then another, as if the were made of the finest spun glass. Then her lips curled into a smile and her eyes danced. “This one. Each time I wear it, I will pray for them all.”

It happened over and over again throughout the day. People would listen to why I was there and who I represented (Christ above all else.) Some talked of missionaries they knew. Many just donated money. Lots more bought some of the items and talked about Christ in their lives. One couple’s two daughters had gone into the field in third world countries.

Others backed away and shook their heads as if the jewelry and purses in front of them represented something so horrid they couldn’t stand it.

imagesCAJ1YR52I am a representative for Women at Risk International (WAR). They are a Christian missionary society who saves women and children from slavery and trafficking in 13 countries. They teach them that, through Christ, they have worth and how to make jewelry and handbags. We sell those here in the USA to support their efforts. We sell their wares and items donated to their cause  at home parties and, for me, at conferences and bazaars as well.  They also have a store online. For more info – go to the Help A Woman tab on this blog site.

Today I found God in many faces of strangers. He linked us in a common purpose His love. He links me with all those women and children who have been abused and have discovered His healing power. He calls me to pray for those yet to be liked, and for their tormentors and those who choose to participate in the tormenting.

Will you link with us as well? Through Christ, the WAR can be won.

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As many of you may know, I am an advocate for WAR – Women at Risk, International

This is a Christian based ministry to reach women and children in 13 countries and rescue them from human slavery.  The women make jewelry, hand sewn purses and cell phone covers, baskets and other items for people like me to sell in the U.S. and Canada. The cool thing is that 90% goes back to the safe house. It takes $250 per month in sales to keep a woman and her children in a safe house.

This weekend, as I was setting up my booth at a church convention and displaying the faces of the women who had made the items, I prayed for each of them. I saw God’s joy in their faces and the belief that Christ has given them worth shining in their eyes.

Praise  be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has
given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ
from the dead . . . 1 Peter 1:3

How many thousands of women and children like them still need saving?  So many are trapped in the hopelessness and fear instilled in them by their abusers. Way too many.

I told people who wandered by my booth  about these women rescued from trafficking. Many took flyers and said they’d consider making this a church youth project or women’s ministry effort. Others whipped out their credit cards and checkbooks. Their purchases that day saved two women for a month, or four for two weeks, or eight for a week. The seeds I helped to plant that day by telling the people who took the flyers about this ministry called WAR have the potential to save so many more.

In two weeks I will have a booth at a three-day Christmas bazaar. I am praying to triple if not quadruple those sales. I have decided to display these faces in my bedroom and pray for these women each night until then. I am praying for the customers God will send, and the hearts He will touch.  I am praying for those last weekend who took the flyers that they will have their own WAR parties.

This Christmas season, or any season whether a birthday or anniversary, think about purchasing a gift for a teenage girl or woman in your life – a gift that gives twice. You can buy from their store online, or host a party at  your home or church. It costs you nothing. They ship it all to you in boxes that weigh no more than 10-12 lbs and even provide a postage paid box to return the items you don’t sell along with the checks and invoices on the  items you do.

You make no money off the deal, but the rewards are tremendous.

So I will rescue my flock, and they will no longer be abused. Ezekiel 34:22a

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