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When my mother first became widowed, this was a card she received. She tore off this message on the front and framed it. When she passed on, I took it home. Even now, widowed for twelve years, I still keep it on my desk. My daily reminder.

It is a message for all of us humans who have a tendency to want to be in control.

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust our sails.

I have never sailed in my life, so my knowledge is poor at best, but I have read books and watched movies about sailors and the seas. About steering into the wind so it billows the sails or away from it to change direction. Sailors are at the mercy of nature and the Creator of the winds. They know it is better to adjust than to try to fight against it. Which is futile and a waste of energy.

There is another saying, which I see daily. I have taped it to my computer monitor. It is from Psalm 25:5. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and in my hope is in you all day long.

Often times hope is depicted as an anchor, a stronghold. For me, it is also a sail. It helps me stay on course and not veer off. It helps me seek the direction the Creator wants me to head. The Holy Spirit can be described as the wind, or so scholars say, because both the Greek and Hebrew word for “spirit” can also be wind or breath. If so, then I should not fight the direction God’s Spirit wants me to go. I need to adjust my sails.

Ad-just. Ad is the preposition that means to go toward something. Just, as an adverb, means exactly, recently, simply. As an adjective, it means appropriate, well-founded, and morally right. Adjust – to go toward what is simply and exactly right and appropriate.

God is just. His ways are true. His motive is love. To ad-just is to move in the way of His character. It is to be exactly and no less, simply, now, appropriate and good.

Why would we not set our sails to that? Why would we choose not to adjust our emotions, thoughts, and actions to match? Why would we try to control something that is not in our power to control? Can anyone truly harness, tame, and manipulate the wind? Only God can.

Wind may come swiftly, causing us to act with all our strength and wits. It may be so still we barely feel it nearby. It can be pleasant and soft, even refreshing. It can be cold and cause us to shiver. But I believe if it is from God through His Spirit, it is always just what we need at the time. The wise will learn to adjust and “go with the flow”.

Lord guide me in the way you wish me to go, and teach me to trust in the direction you lead. Amen.

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Today it is very windy in North Texas. We are under a Wind Advisory. As I notice the tree branches outside my window, I think of my life.


There are times when, like the branches, everything seems still. Calm.

But other times, things shake up a bit. I feel bent in a new direction. Jostled.

However, as with the trees, I have firm roots… I call it faith. I have learned to dig my to spiritual toes deeper into the soil and hang on during the windy days in my life. I pray nothing will topple me. I can almost feel God holding me up as events whip around me.

Wind does some good things for trees. Wind shakes off the dust and pollen. (Yes, a lot of us are sniffling because of that.) Leaves and tiny twigs fall that are either dead or perhaps too thick, not allowing light in.

During those times in my life, is the same thing happening? Are some bad habits being swished away as I rely more and more on my Savior for strength and stability? Perhaps I shake the dust off my routine prayer and mediation time to read the Bible more – really read it, inwardly digest it, and put into practice its truths.  A few dead things I have been carrying around with me fall to the wayside.

Today is a windy day. Thank you Lord for reminding me that is a good thing. Shake me up a bit today. I think I need it.

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ID-10061708It caught my eye as I rode shot-gun with my son. A tiny, almost translucent, spider clung to the windshield of the passenger side. Smaller than my pinkie nail. It hung on as we went over the speed bumps and through the security gate of the apartment complex. The little thing clung tightly as we turned the corner and picked up speed. Five blocks later, it still was hanging to the glass, spreading its minuscule legs as far as it could. Asking my son to pull over so I could rescue a spider when we were running late didn’t appear to be a viable option. I sucked in my breath as we accelerated up the ramp to the highway.

Surely the spider couldn’t have the strength to hold on at 60 mph. You may think it silly, but I whispered a prayer for God’s protection.

Sure enough, as my son’s foot pressed down on the gas, the spider inched its way up window into the area where the metal meets the glass – a minute strip protected from the wind. Two exits later, when we pulled into the parking lot, the spider hopped to scamper over the roof of the car- safe and sound. Quite a journey for such a tiny creature.

Where are you on your journey? Do you feel the wind force against you? Are you trying to cling with all your might but are getting weary?  It might be the time to take a chance and move closer to the protection of God even when every fiber of your being says, “Don’t let go.”  What may not seem like shelter may be just the place you need to be to withstand the trek until things slow down. But it takes faith to make that step.

Something called that tiny spider to take the chance, move its legs, and scoot up into the top of the car window even as it was accelerating faster. Where is God calling you?

I cling to you; your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63:8

Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, Isaiah 32:2a


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Today, I read a daily devotional from Power to Change. It is written by Shelaine Strom. She talks about how quickly, often without warning, the weather can change on the lake shore where her cabin rests. Even though she knows that place so well, she is still in awe of that phenomenon:

“And so it is in my relationship with the Lord. He is the mighty rushing wind that takes my breath away with His strength and power to heal and change lives. He is the gentle breeze that nudges me to speak or act, giving counsel and direction. He is the quiet voice whispering love and forever-presence in the still moments of an unhurried life. And He is more.”

see the whole devotional at http://powertochange.com/blogposts/2014/01/15/more-than-i-know/ 
 (I get one in my email box each morning for free- you can as well.) 

Our riverTucked in the Texas Hill Country my family has a summer cabin on a bluff overlooking the Guadalupe River. The river can be still and as smooth as glass, or it can dance with glistening ripples like a million microscopic Tinker Bells. Serene, peaceful, refreshing, heavenly… until a sudden roar can bring a wall of water, from a deluge upstream, crashing down on left-behind inner-tubes, kayaks, and lawn chairs.

Destructive? Yes. I have seen it bend mighty cypresses like sipping straws. But the land recovers, and often, the silt left behind replenishes the eroded soil and actually helps the grass to flourish and grow. Underbrush is pruned with one swish of the swirling undercurrent so saplings can stretch their limbs and roots.

In a few days, the flood is over. The milk-chocolate turmoil returns to its peaceful aqua-green, ripply state. The banks again contain the river’s flow. The quickly moving current slows once more to a lazy pace, waiting to be tickled by the breeze.

I cannot control that river. No one except God can, though some foolish folks who build along the banks think they are able to with makeshift dams and terracing. They try, in vain of course, to manipulate it’s path. But, the river has a power all its own. All you can do is respect it and let it do its thing.

I cannot control God. But one thing I have learned, I can cope with life better if I let Him control me instead of trying to manipulate Him to do things my way. Whatever happens in my life–in the quiet times and in the roaring, take-cover tempests–He is at work, eventually bringing it all into good purpose. Even when it seems my life is uncontrollably spilling over the banks, I know His mighty hands are cupping it and directing it’s flow.

May he rule from sea to sea
    and from the River to the ends of the earth.   Psalm 72:8

And my place? Sheltered where He wants me to be, on my knees, in patient awe. I am learning to be more of the spectator of His mighty power in my life, just I have learned to respect the river. Yes, our Lord wants us involved in the directions our lives are to go- we are not puppets on a string.  But to go against the flow of His holy current or the power of His mighty wind is futile, frustrating and foolhardy. Yet, how often do we try, just like the riverbank dwellers? We block His flow in our souls. We build walls to keep Him out. We terrace our payers with conditions and plea bargaining.

Each time I gaze out over that river, or soak my toes in its cool, spring-fed current, its majestic power and grand beauty reminds my soul of the One who created it.  

He asked me, “Son of man, do you see this?” Then he led me back to the bank of the river.   Ezekiel 47:6

Shelaine sees Him on the lake where she lives. 
Where do you find God today?  I’d love for you to comment and let me, and other readers, know. 


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