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Today it is very windy in North Texas. We are under a Wind Advisory. As I notice the tree branches outside my window, I think of my life.


There are times when, like the branches, everything seems still. Calm.

But other times, things shake up a bit. I feel bent in a new direction. Jostled.

However, as with the trees, I have firm roots… I call it faith. I have learned to dig my to spiritual toes deeper into the soil and hang on during the windy days in my life. I pray nothing will topple me. I can almost feel God holding me up as events whip around me.

Wind does some good things for trees. Wind shakes off the dust and pollen. (Yes, a lot of us are sniffling because of that.) Leaves and tiny twigs fall that are either dead or perhaps too thick, not allowing light in.

During those times in my life, is the same thing happening? Are some bad habits being swished away as I rely more and more on my Savior for strength and stability? Perhaps I shake the dust off my routine prayer and mediation time to read the Bible more – really read it, inwardly digest it, and put into practice its truths.  A few dead things I have been carrying around with me fall to the wayside.

Today is a windy day. Thank you Lord for reminding me that is a good thing. Shake me up a bit today. I think I need it.

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