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“Our focus has become on legalistic doing: I must keep these rules and then I’ll be a good Christian. When we are doing this we’re treating Christianity like a religion. But vital Christianity is not a religion. It’s not a set of do’s and don’ts. It’s a new life in Christ, a new way of doing life.”

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I’ll admit there are days I just do not feel His presence. Usually those are the days I am stressed over something- probably the one thing I keep laying at His feet then snatch back. Most of the time it has to do with finances. Freelance writing and being your own boss is wonderful. Yet, most of the time I feel like Indiana Jones in the the scene where he is searching for the Holy Grail and steps out in faith over an abyss. God does provide the ledge I cannot see with my eyes, but at times I still look down and my knees become wobbly. That is the time I should get down upon them before trying to take another step. I don’t always do that.

Years ago I was given a book that was similar to the old Where’s Waldo series, except you had to look for Jesus in each scene. Sometimes He was easier to spot. Sometimes, not so much. I’d call over a friend or family member and say, can you help me find Jesus? Ah! Slap in the forehead time. Friends and family can help us find Jesus when our eyes are just too filled with tears or clouded by our own circumstances.

Then there are times, He reveals Himself in a way that makes you suck in your breath – like the Bible verse of the day which popped up on my cell phone app today after I was was stressing over if I needed to find a job to supplement my freelance writing and why no one was responding to my resumes –

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will counsel you with my eyes upon you. Psalm 32:8

Yes, Sir. On I go over the abyss.

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