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If you feel beat by life’s waves, there is hope.  Last winter when I was in a low spot, I heard this song over the car radio. I had to pull over. I sat on the side of the highway while cleansing tears let Christ flow back in and wash my worries into His lap.

Listen to the honest, heart-felt and hopeful song by Tenth Avenue North. Then fall to your knees and let Him carry the load.




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Are you tired of praying?  Do you feel as if your  heart-felt requests are hitting the ceiling and shattering–tinkling back down upon you like millions of shimmery shards of crystal?

Listen to this awesome testimony behind Tenth Avenue North’s song, “I’m Worn”. Then hear the song.

GOD is there. He wants to give you rest if you would just trust…. find Him today right where He has always been–a breath away.

It is not so much that God is deaf to our requests, but that we are deaf to His answers.

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