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new yearsIf you are like me, your emails are flooded with people listing their New Year’s Resolutions. Somehow, I guess,  if you put them in writing, then there is a sense of commitment involved.

Personally, I loathe New Years Resolutions ( click to see top ten) because they are generally very “me” centered. Some resolutions can be worthy – be nicer to that person at work that gets on my nerves, I won’t belittle my spouse, I’ll pray more, read the Bible in a year, etc. Even lose weight or exercise more are worthy goals.

I’m not saying we should not have personal improvement goals. Sure we should. But this year, spend some quiet, quality time with your Heavenly Father who created you to be you. Ask Him what He wants you to work on this year.  Then be bold enough to ask Him to help you do it. Odds are you will have a much easier time keeping this year’s resolutions if you do because they will not be yours, but His for you.

I belong to an order of women prayer and service warriors. Our motto has a phrase in it –

What I can do, by the grace of God I will do. Lord, what will you have me do?

What if we all prayed that before our feet hit the floor each morning?

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