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When I was growing up there were a series of children’s books called You Are There – years later a few became TV movies. They took kids back to historic events and embedded them in the moment.

The next four days of Holy Week are often overshadowed by the preparations for Easter.  But without them, there would be no reason to celebrate Easter, would there?  There is an old hymn –Were You There? that brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it.

This week – will you go there?

Thursday – Will you sit in the Upper Room and be shocked when Jesus bathes your feet, and then claims the bread and wine are Him? Will you shake your head in disbelief when Judas leaves the table.

Will you stay awake one hour and pray Thursday night into Friday morning as your Lord requested in the Garden?

Friday– will you picture yourself in the crowd as they shout for Barabbas to be spared. Will you weep silent tears when you see the crown of thorns trickle blood down His brow and watch as He skins his knees on the rocks carrying the cross? Will you see His muscles ripple under sting of the Roman whip?

Will you hold Mary as she watches her son die the most excruciating death possible and sink to your knees when Jesus asks God to forgive us all. Will you smell the sweat and blood mingled with the bitter vinegar on the sponge, and then hear the clank of the ivory lots as the soldiers gamble for his robe and sneer at him?

Saturday – as you rush around getting the last ingredients you need for the Easter meal, iron the Easter dress, mow the grass for the Easter Egg Hunt, or clean and decorate the church and plant the flowers…

will you take a moment to remember the disciples as they huddled in sorrow, fear  and disbelief in the Upper Room too bewildered and ashamed to pray, waiting for the soldiers to come, drag them away and crucify them as well?

Then come Easter morning, you may be even more ready to rejoice and proclaim the greatest miracle of all –


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