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Today I found God’s message on my computer screen. I play Words with Friends©, an interactive computer game where you place tiles on the board and build

words off each other. Some tiles are worth more than others. Often times, I find myself waiting several rounds for the right letter so I can complete a word and score big points. If only I had another e, then I could spell “quieter”, hit the triple word square, and score 63 points. I discovered when I do, I settle for making less valuable words in the interim and may miss an opportunity to use the ones I have to the best advantage.

God whispered to my soul as I pondered my next move on the game with one friend, “Are you doing the same with my blessings?”


I had decided my word for 2016 would be “Rejoice”–in all things. To be thankful for what I have and look for the positive spin, no matter the circumstances, trusting God knows best. Part of that rejoicing is to accept what God has already given me and using it to His glory, and the best of my ability, instead of praying for what I think would be best. To eliminate the “if only- then” thoughts.

If only I had more income, then…

If only I could lose weight quicker like other people do, then…

If only just one book would sell enough copies to break through and become a best seller for more than two days on Amazon, then…

If only my back didn’t ache every day, then…

If only (family member or friend) could (whatever), then…

If I rejoice, and give thanks in all things, then I won’t be focused on the “e” I don’t have–waiting for God tot give me what I think I need, or want, or desire. Perhaps, this year I will “see” the great “words” I can make if I concentrate on the “letters” He has placed in front of me now.

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Plants were used in Jesus’ parables – fig trees, vines, mustard  seeds. Plants seemingly grow in God’s timing.

I bought an orchid at the grocery store – on clearance for $8.99. It only requires three ice cubes a week, so I feed it on Sunday when I come home from church. That way I usually remember to do that.

Its blooms lasted for months, then dropped off. For several more months I just had a green leafed plant, but soon a new little leaf emerged from the center, so I watched and waited. Then, one day, a little stick began to emerge. It grew, lengthened and then got bumps on it.  It bloomed again! I was told by several people that doesn’t always happen. Lo and behold, history repeated itself. It bloomed a third time the next year.

All I do is give it water on Sunday and make sure it has the right exposure of light. Each spring I watch in anticipation as it grows a long stick, then the little protrusions which burst into delicate white flowers for a season. I come home and stare at it doing it’s thing, growing.  It makes me smile. It is like watching a miracle unfold in slow motion over the weeks it takes for the stem to lengthen and bloom.

Does God do that with me? May I keep growing and blooming in my season for Him, being fed with the Living Water on Sundays and the Light of the World during the week.

A fellow writer for Power to Change, Kristi, wrote about how a dead stick in the dirt held a message for her. Click here –http://powertochange.com/blogposts/2012/10/13/from-the-inside-out/

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