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A friend and I drove from Texas to Arkansas to visit a new church. It is one of our ministries as head of our denominational women to keep in touch with the ladies in each church and plug them into our programs and mission efforts. Besidies, we were told the fall colors were beginning to pop, so it was an opportune time.

© Yan Zommer | Dreamstime.com

© Yan Zommer | Dreamstime.com

Now, being a Texas Hill Country girl, I always have found  God in the mesquite and cedar laden humps on the horizon. But, these were mountains looming ahead. They reminded by of a child’s art project- as if God had taken green styrofoam and plastered Trix cereal all over it. The colors of yellows, oranges, red and a bit of purple bumps blanketing the mounts was breathtaking, even in a drought year. Each turn of the road led us to new oohs and ahhs, unable to decide which scene splayed before our windshield was the best.

I had seen the Ozarks in college, but it was on a bus driving through the middle of them on the way to a church revival. The saying, “you can’t see the forest for the trees” is true.

It makes me wonder, if I let God lift me up, could I see more than the roots and trunk of the blessings he has placed before me? What awesome marvels  would our souls see if we had a panoramic view the way I did driving  today?

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