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reblogged from Steve Rebus- iChristian  http://steverebus.com/2013/07/01/praise-god/#like-3600

What a great prayer to start off the day- every day!

Praise God for: mountains and oceans, planets and starsman in praise
Praise God for big things
Praise God for: seeds and spiders, petals and drops of dew
Praise God for small things
Praise God for: rolling thunder and the crashing waves
Praise God for loud things
Praise God for: a breath of wind and a whispered prayer
Praise God for quiet things
Praise God for: soaring eagles and hairy gorillas
Praise God for strong things
Praise God for: snowflakes and cobwebs – a tiny baby
Praise God for fragile things
Praise God for: the flash of lightening and a humming bird’s wings
Praise God for fast things
Praise God for: the growth of a tree and the erosion of cliffs
Praise God for slow things
Praise God for: the moon, the sun, other worlds
Praise God for far away things
Praise God for: the person sitting next to me, my own heartbeat
Praise God for close-by things

Thank you that though you are so big, 
you become small enough to meet us here on earth 
though you are so strong, you show your love in gentleness
though you are loud as thunder, you speak to us in the sound of silence.
Thank you that though you could be faster than the speed of light
You choose to walk at our pace and to hold our hand.


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From Helen Grace Lescheid –


Why is thanksgiving so important? It acknowledges God in the situation.

When things go wrong the last thing we want to do is give thanks. But it’s the most beneficial thing we can do. Thanksgiving prepares the way for God’s salvation to come in…”


Read  more of what Helen has to say at http://powertochange.com/blogposts/2013/06/24/let-thanksgiving-be-the-habit-of-your-life/

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