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Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.” Ezra 10:4

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After surgery, I learned I could only put “big toe” weight on my right leg for a month. That meant my left leg, supported by a walker, had to bear the load. In order to keep me from ending up with one weak, puny leg and one buffed one, I have non-load bearing PT exercises for the right one.

Did I mention this is a huge “adjustment”?

Why only big toe weight? Our big toes are big for a reason. Our bodies use them to balance. Ever watch a ballerina “on toe”? It provides the rest of the foot leverage. Without thinking about it, you put your weight mostly on your big toe when you lift off a chair. Go ahead, try it using any other toe or your heel instead. I’ll wait…

Back now? To continue…

For now, my right side is weak. The surgery on my right pelvis needs to heal. The pins need to knit into the plates and bone. So, I must rely on my left side.  But, without the walker or crutches, I’d be catawampus and fall down a lot.

That has made me think about how much I lean on God for support, especially when I am weak. But even if I feel strong, I should still use Him as support. I need to consistently practice this unique way of walking through this journey we call life. We all do.  It feels unnatural. Most of us don’t want to lean on a crutch. We were taught to stand on our own two feet.

I’m not saying Christians should be wimpy. Actually, it takes strength of character to admit you need assistance.  The winds of change in our culture are blowing hard. We can only stand if we press into God’s Word and prayer for support, and lean on His understanding, as it says in Proverbs 3:5, fulling trusting in His strength to bolster us. In the meantime, we can strengthen our stance by practicing our faith through the life exercises we are given. But as long as we exist in this cultural environment that wants to pull us out of balance, we need our Lord for support.

Christ gives us strength when we yoke to Him. (Philippians 4:13, Matthew 11:28-30).

He is my spiritual walker, and I don’t want to let go, lest I fall.

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Wednesday evening I stumbled trying to carry a package to my car. Down threeIMAG0241-1 steps, wretching my right foot and ankle in the process. In the ER clinic the nurse dampened a felt covered strip filled with fiberglass and molded it around my foot and calf. Within minutes it had taken a perfect shape, protecting and providing support and strength to my injured extremity. It now fit only me, no one else. Next, he secured it with two bandages wrapped around and around.

Reminds me of my Savior. He is the same for all of us, yet His Spirit molds to me individually, knowing my soul’s shape, weaknesses and strengths. He forms a protective shell, guarding my thoughts and shielding me from the evils of this fallen world. All the while He is healing my weaknesses and strengthening me. He guards me from further injury.

Then His grace and mercy intertwine to further support me, secured by His love. He wraps Himself tightly around my soul when I need it to protect me from further harm.

Since I fell, and my foot and ankle became injured, the doctor told me to not put weight on it for several days, but instead to use crutches. God’s Word and blessings are my crutches whenever I fall out of His will. He picks me up, often through the prayers of others, and sets me right.

Now, with this soft cast on my right leg,  I’ve grasped a new meaning of 1Peter 5:7– “casting my cares on Him.”

Lord, may I rely on you in my weakness as You strengthen me, and lean on You for support as I heal whenever I tumble from Your grace. Thank You for this valuable lesson, even though painful. Amen.







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