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…though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand. Psalm 37:24

God upholds us in many ways – sometimes through other people.

Due to an acute attack of sciatica, I’ve been relying on a cane for the past month as I await referrals, test results and treatment. I have also become reliant on others, something that is not easy for me to do.

Last night at Bible study we were told to all stand, hold hands and pray. Then sing.  Holding hands meant not leaning on a cane, but I wanted to be part of the experience.

After a minute or so I began to wobble. My leg gave way and immediately the two women on either side, whose hands I held, gripped tighter and kept me from toppling as they eased me into the chair. I didn’t have to ask, they automatically reacted.

It made me realize how much we believers need each other in times of weakness. It also showed me how ready people are to help, even without us asking.  That’s the love of God flowing through,spreading from one hand to another, muscle to muscle and bone to bone in the Body of Christ.

What made my eyes pool was the fact that, though I was securely seated, the ladies continued to hold my hands through the prayer and song. A warmth surged through me. Even though I sat securely in my chair, I became aware of how much I needed these sweet women, and not just physically.

Convicted, I became aware of how many times I may have missed opportunities to uphold someone else because my day filled with other obligations or I felt too tired to run one more errand. Or the times I have held on in the crisis, but let go too soon, assuming I’d done my part.

Buddy systems are not just for kids. We all need to hold tight to each other for safety in this hostile world. The adage there is safety in numbers is very true. None of us are meant to “go it alone.”

Plain and simple – we need to be in need and we need to be needed.  It’s a two way street. Part of the commandment from our Lord is to love one another. That means getting into each other’s messy lives by helping and being of help. The love of Christ flows from one human to another. To not receive help from others is to block that flow.

Lord, help me to realize I need help, even when I feel strong, and that I need to be open to the times you spur me to help others. May Your Spirit flow through me, and not be blocked by my pride or independent streak. I pray this through my Savior and ultimate Helper, who stretched out His hands on the cross for me. Amen.

To all who have helped me with rides, running errands, lifting me in prayer, texting me, and bringing me meals during this trial, thank you doesn’t even  begin to cover it.  You have been Christ to me. May I, in turn, uphold you.

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I saw an advertisement for glow-in-the-dark paint which you can apply to a stone path. AHA! Reminds me of the Word of God.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

The ad says the chemicals absorb the stepping stonessunlight, so when it becomes dark, they release a glow. That way,  people can see the way to travel and not stumble. This miracle paint is for sale at most of the national hardware chain stores.

While my life is sunny and things are going great, I should be storing up passages from God’s Word and memorizing them. Let them ooze into my heart and soul just as the glow-in-the-dark paint seeps into the porous stone.

The Word of God should illuminate my faith so when the dark times come, and they will, I will have them stored up inside of me. One by one, the faith-stones will light my way along the path, even though I cannot see where it  leads. Then, instead of crouching and crying out in fear, afraid I may stumble, I can walk upright, assured that God’s light will guide me through.

Are you storing up His Light in you?  You can get it at any local book store, or as a free app on your smart phone. It is called the Bible.  Illuminating, right?

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