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IMG_20140128_090244_264They have been there for several weeks, even after a few misty, rainy days and even more sunny ones. Five footprints – left, right, left, right, left – follow from the portico to the double red doors that lead into the church grounds where I work. When the doors are opened, the concrete pathway continues through an enclosed meditation garden, known as the Garth, and then up a few steps into the church building. Except the footprints do not continue along that path. They stop at the threshold of the front double doors.

Now, logic tells me they were made on a very rainy day in early January when there was heavy traffic coming in for a funeral. But here is the weird part. There were many rainy, muddy footprints made that day, and all except these have washed or worn away. Another funny thing? These impressions on the concrete look as if someone was not wearing shoesIMG_20140129_132132_544. I promise you, no one came to that funeral in January barefoot. Or did He?

In the Book of Revelation 3:20, Jesus claims that He stands at the door and knocks. He is a gentleman. We have to let Him in…even into our places of worship.  Was Jesus allowed in that day? I am sure He was. So why have the footprints remained? And why do they stop at the door? You tell me.

The message I received is this: Each day as I walk to those red, double doors, the footsteps remind me that I have a choice. Do I let my Lord come in through those doors and into my office with me? Or do I leave Him at the threshold and try to get through the day alone? Despite the fact that I work in a place of worship,. I still must allow Jesus into my everyday life…every day.  I can choose to have a bad day, or a God-filled, blessed one. It all depends on my perspective.

 The same is true for anyone who enters, be it for work or worship.

I found God in five footprints that will not wash away. Where have you found Him today?

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