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We chose our new apartment because it faced the inside of a tree-shaded quadrangle. Great view. Not so great for our singalsHD antenna signal. We plugged it into the TV. Channel after channel showed the same message:”No signal detected.”  A few showed pixelated views, like a jigsaw puzzle half-completed on a black table. We angled the antenna this way and that. Not much better.

So we boxed it up and went to the electronic store. The salesman said, “The trees are your worst enemy. They block the signals. So do the buildings around you.”

We chose a unit with a more powerful receiver. Luckily it was on sale with a money-back guarantee. Home we trekked, eager to plug it in so I could watch my favorite PBS show that night. Finally after much maneuvering and twisting, including standing on tip-toe –which he refused to do through the whole 90 minute program despite the reminder I was in labor with him four times longer than that—my son got the signal to receive a picture by placing the unit on our covered patio.

The God lesson?

Sometimes the things in life we surround ourselves with, which give us pleasure, block God’s signal to our hearts. We just don’t receive Him clearly. And then, we wonder why. It’s not that a thing that makes us happy is a bad influence. It is just that it may turn our focus to it because it’s so pleasurable, and away from God who granted us the gift of it’s use.

Perhaps, we need to maneuver some things around in order to pick up His reception in our lives. Find the right combination–be it less TV time, less frustration, less worry–and the pixels will come together. Or, maybe we need to boost our capability to receive His signal through more prayer, more listening, or more time in the Word. Perhaps it will take both.

Boost your power through Him, rearrange or eliminate the distractions, and I bet, like our antenna, your image of His plan for your life will come into focus. The reception of His will into your heart will be bright and clear. What a beautiful image!

What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us.

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