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Yesterday I went on a journey. Led by Shelly Sorem, I journeyed with 21 other ladies on the path of the Hebrews in the wilderness from slavery to the Promised Land. (Thanks, Shelly. It was an amazing day.)

During that journey,as recorded in Exodus, Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Numbers,  the children of God learned many lessons – God provides, He redirects, He trains up, He disciplines. Through it all, He is in the midst of the journey. We never travel alone, even though at times it may feel as if we do because we are so inwardly focused.

The Christian radio station I listen to and support is also called the Journey (88.3). When people call in to pledge, we thank them for journeying with us. This journey is towards total trust in God until He leads us home.Their message is, “We are all n this journey together.” How true. Yet we each have our own path to follow. But throughout it,the road we each travel intersect with others,Some we will help, others will help us.

ID-100231942 I use my computer and notebooks to journal my journey. Same root word – jour means daily. Not yearly, by decades, or even by the week. But daily. God provides day by day, one step at a time.

My spiritual journey, when mapped out, resembles an EKG – periods of ups and downs, but never flat-lined. Not yet, while my human heart beats in a fallen world. .As I learn more and more to allow Him to lead me on this journey, I can feel my hope-filled faith easing the bumps like a holy shock absorber. One day, my Lord will make that pathway straight, because I will spend eternity praising at HIs feet unburdened by the earthly cares of this life.

Life is a journey through time. We humans are not meant to be stagnant creatures. Like water, if we stop moving we begin to stink. Our minds, hearts and souls need to be in motion developing, learning, growing. We each are on a journey. We get our ticket at conception. We depart from the womb and when we reach our destination at the end of our lives, we leave our bodies.  Each path is unique. Each journey significant, no matter if it is 8 days or 86 years.

Like the Hebrews in Exodus, God will reveal Himself to us along the way to show us He is in our midst. He will provide exactly what we need, He will correct our path if we choose to follow Him, and He will send others to help us do His will.

As Michael Card sings, there is a joy in the journey – the joy of knowing Our Savior goes before us, with us and behind us, provides for our needs, and brings others to walk a while with us. But most of all, because God is there as well. Where will you find Him along the way?

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