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I admit it. I can’t throw away a plant. I had a geranium which, after five years, had outlived it normal lifespan sprigas a potted plant, I guess. Anyway, it really didn’t survive the move, and to be honest, it had become pretty droopy and scraggly on my last patio. But one sprig stretched to grow.The only green leaves left on an otherwise dying plant.

So, I snipped it off, stuck it in water, placed it with other plants in a window, and prayed. Within a day, it had bent towards the sun. Within a few more days, it began wrapping around a candle to get more light steaming in from the blinds.

As I watch it daily, I  am more and more encouraged. Maybe it will begin to root, then I can plant it a pot once again. I envision coral-colored blooms next spring when it is once again full and bushy.

I’m glad God never threw me out when I spiritually dying. He gave me life. He clipped off the part that had potential, stuck me in the Living Waters of His mercy and prayed over me. He watched over me. Renewed, I again stretched towards the Light in search of the Son, letting nothing stand in the way of my growth. And, ever so slowly, new roots of faith began to grow.

The roots of the blessings He has given me.

Roots of lessons learned.

Roots of those “Oh” moments when I realized He had acted in my life.

Roots in those verses that never hit me before but are highlighted in yellow or starred in my Bible now.

Roots of seeing Him work in the lives of friends through answered prayers.


And I think a smile stretches across His face when He looks upon me now, because He envisions the lovely bloom I’ll become.

I found God today in a lowly germanium sprig- because in so many ways it is just like me–struggling, but blessed because someone cared enough to save it.

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