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We knew it would happen, eventually. It always does. That didn’t make the waiting any easier or the day it arrived less exciting.

ID-10019954Finally the cold front barreled down and broke the sweltering summer temperatures.  A few rumbles of thunder, a welcomed rain storm, and a gust of wind ushered in the relief. It was as if the fridge door had finally been opened onto Texas. Everyone stood with eyes closed in long-awaited bliss and breathed in the coolness– ahhhh.

Windows were thrown open to let in the breeze. Joggers and their dogs scampered on the knolls. Sweaters were dug out of cedar chests and the back of closets. Kids skipped to the school bus.

When I came home, the AC hadn’t kicked on because it was not yet 78 inside, thanks to the cloud-cover and lower temps. But, since the house was still shut tight, it was stuffy and still. So, I dropped my purse and dashed to the windows to lift the sash. Immediately, the cool, fresh air billowed in through the curtains. I could almost hear my furniture heave a sigh of joy.

The Holy Spirit can be that same breath of fresh air in our lives, but – and this is key – we have to let Him in.  Before the Holy Spirit can refresh our lives, we have to throw open the windows of our souls. That means change. And good or bad, change is a scary thing to many people.

But what can be more exhilarating than to have your sins washed away by the Blood of the Lamb so His Spirit takes up residence? How invigorating to have Him sweep away all the stale and gloomy cobwebbed corners of your life with a swish of fresh, clean air!

You know it’s coming.  You know it will be glorious.  You see it ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????happening to others.  You witness them basking in the breath of the Spirit. So, go to your own life, open up your heart, and let Him in.

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