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boxed inI recently moved…. again. Such is life. Moving is sort of like spring cleaning. Weeding through the stuff accumulated, dusting places you normally do not, shifting furniture and cleaning the spots where they have been. Over the packing process I discovered two things:

1. There are things I have been holding onto and I have no idea why. I haven’t used these items in years and probably do not plan to do so. They just do not fit my lifestyle or interests anymore.

2. There are things I truly cherish. Wrapping and packing each brought back loving memories of past times, but more so, warm feelings for the friends or family members who gave them to me–be it inherited from a  great grandmother or gifted as a thank you by a recently made friend.

It made me ponder. What things in my spiritual, emotional and worship life fit in wither of those categories. Are there things I need to pry my fingers from? What do I feel I wish to keep and preserve but not to the point of cluttering my life so much I have no room for future blessings? question

With more sleet and snow barreling down upon us in North Texas, I know it is not yet springtime even if we are springing forward this weekend. I’m not suggesting you move furniture and thoroughly weed through your belongings. But, perhaps during this penitential season of Lent, we are all called to do a little spring cleaning in our spiritual lives.  What do you feel God is asking you to preserve and perhaps let go?

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