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Have you ever come to a crossroads in your life?  It’s that tough decision between two or more choices you have to make.

You can’t go back. The past is the past.  But you can’t go ahead the way you had been either, because there are now several paths open to you.

Which do you choose?

Robert Frost wrote a poem called the Road Not Taken, and how choosing that lesser traveled path made all the difference in his life.

Jesus talks of the narrow road (Matthew 7:14) – and it, too, is the one fewer people choose to travel down.

But what if the signs are not that clear? You peer down and both seem narrow. Both veer off so you can’t see where they lead. Maybe both are filled with potholes?

Isaiah was given a clue – and your ears shall hear a word behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.” (vs.30:21)

ID-100146465So often we try to figure it out on our own. We expect God to send up smoke signals, or leave a piece of thread dangling on a branch. Maybe a footprint or two would help.  Bread crumbs?

When, all we need to do is stop, ask, and then listen.  The answer may not come right away. That doesn’t give us permission shrug it off and trek out on our own.

If we wait patiently, we may see a barricade pop up, or see sunbeams shine down on the direction we need to go. We may even see one way disappear entirely, as if it was a mirage.

Or, we may just hear that voice inside of us, which we know is not our own, whisper, “Go this way my child. It is the way I’ve prepared for you.”

One thing is certain. God will always go with us, no matter what direction we choose –even if we choose poorly. All we need to do is ask.

After all, no matter where life leads,  one thing remains the same.  Jesus is The Way.

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