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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Picture twelve women.  Old, young, widowed, married, jobless, executives.  Some in T-shirts, others in business casual. Some laden with jewelry, others bare wristed. Some knew one or two others, but no one knew everyone, except our  hostess. The only common denominator is that we know the hostess who invited them over for an evening of too much food and a friendly game of Bunco.

After all the tempting food aromas filled the room as people brought their dish to share, the initial chatting died down. Then our hostess asked us all to bow our heads for the blessing.

In the silence of twelve bowed heads, the Holy Spirit filled the room. By the time we said, “Amen”, He had threaded us together like pearls bound by and unbreakable bond of faith. All different denominations, all different walks of life, many different personalities and tastes.

But one in the Spirit.

A sneak peek of Heaven.

then I’ll give them a united heart, placing a new spirit within them… Ezekiel 11:19

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