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God can be found in fiction novels, too. I have a tab above which lists the ones I recommend, and many more can be found on www.efictionfinds.com ( at least one posted a day is a free download onto your electronic device. The rest are under $4,00.)

Now, here is the blatant advertisement my newest faith-based, romantic suspense novel, Legitimate Lies, which launches today. Please check it out at http://amzn.to/1AbN1PN . (Also in paperback on Amazon and Amazon.uk)


(PS- even though it is definitely not offensive, You Tube has decided it may require you to turn off your safety mode before you can view it. Sorry. Who knows why?) You can also view it on my Facebook page: juliebcosgrove.tx

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In 2008 God gave me a dream – write a novel. I did, and self-published in 2012- Focused. But the desire to be recognized by a traditional publisher was the popcorn kernel wedged in my gum. Now, that is a reality – doubled! Both novels I had written, Hush in the Storm and Legitimate Lies are contracted with Prism Book Group.  Hush in the Storm debuts today. Legitimate Lies will debut in January, 2015. God is good.

Where did I find Him today? Right next to me, smiling as any daddy would when he sees his daughter receive a gift she’s wanted for so long. Thanks Abba.

hush in the storm promo.

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Have you ever had everything suddenly fall into place? Your heartfelt, deepest dream come true? This week, I did. And I saw God’s fingerprints all over it. It brought me to my knees in tearful gratitude.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Six years ago I had a dream – write a novel and attract a well know publishing house.For five years the windows and doors slammed in my face.  I indy-pubbed one novel that has had mild success and six non-fiction works. But still, I was not recognized in the Christian publishing world.

Over the past year and a half, that dream has come true…twice!  At first the curtains quivered. Then a ray of light poured in with one email in response to a query- I was under contract for Hush in the Storm. Was it really happening? My dream slowly evolved into truth. My eyes began to adjust. Inch by inch, more light streamed into my dream, waking me into the fact this is a reality. Dare I believe it?

Then the editor-in-chief of Prism Book Group, the publishing house who contracted with me, read my novel and proclaimed it as “brilliant, just brilliant, and A+++.”  She asked if I had another WIP (work in progress), which I did.  I’d just finished the first draft of the next novel, Legitimate Lies. Within an hour I had my second contract and an editor assigned to me. Within two days, I had the cover already done!

Last week, I signed up for a book e-blast to advertise Hush in the Storm’s launch on August 6th.  I expected them to blast it across cyberspace in a few weeks when Hush in the Storm releases. Then I got an email that it was my “blast day.” My heart sunk. Oh, no. I’ve wasted my money. It’s too early. Three hours later, I got a surprise email from my publisher. My novel was on Amazon at a pre-order discount rate!

The curtains drew back, the sash flew open, and the sun poured in. God’s timing evident. I felt His warmth envelop me, His perfect love pat me on the back.”See,” I heard His soft whisper to my heart, “I’ve got this.”

Within two days, I have landed four book signings and my press release has been accepted by five local papers, which will reach 125,000 readers. Just like that. Ads for my signings will also appear the week they happen. Sash inched higher and higher. Fresh, fragrant air whiffed in, like the first spring day after a long winter.

ECover copy I don’t know if I will sell 50 or 50,000 copies. That is truly in God’s hands. All I know is when I finally hold it in paperback form next month,they are going to shake with joy as my lips quiver – just as when I first held my son moments after birth.

After all, a Christian novel is like a baby. You have long gestation period when you wonder how it is forming and if it will be okay. Then you get a contract and the heartbeats sound stronger and stronger. You feel small flutters, then kicks as it grows and evolves through the help of critique groups. Near the end, the labor pains of editing start. Finally, it happens – a new creation, orchestrated by God becomes a tangible, hold-in-your-hands reality.

.I trust in the fact He will use it to His glory and touch hearts with it’s message, just as He has planned. He already knows whose faith-walk it will encourage, and who will be respond to it’s message. It’s time…His time.

Thank you dearest Lord for honoring my dream. How undeserving I feel, and humbly blessed. I wonder what unstated dreams hiding in my soul You are waiting to bring to fruition next…

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