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We’ve been parched. Bubbling creeks had become sandy dry beds. Once green, grassy hills appeared straw-colored. The lake and river levels were dangerously low. A friend commented her back yard looked like the San Andreas fault in an earthquake movie – the cracks were huge, and growing.

dreamstimefree_127674For several days the skies taunted us with building clouds and overcast shadows. Then it came.  The sweet smell of moistened dirt. Soft, pelting rain pounded the landscape, filling the furrows and crevices…for hours and hours. 

People’s spirits lifted. The temperatures dropped from scorching nineties into  pleasant seventies.  Birds splashed in the puddles, fluffing their feathers and dipping their beaks.  Windshield wipers danced back and forth like concert attendees waving their hands in joy. Gutters drummed softly with the splatters from Heaven. Blessed relief. 

I will make them and the places surrounding my hill a blessing. I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing. Ezekiel 34:26

Have you experienced a drought? Not the physical kind Texas has been having, but the spiritual kind. Most likely you have. It may have been a time of depression, of doubts, a string of bad luck we call a “Job-like season”, or the agonizing limbo feeling after at tragedy. It felt as if God had stopped blessing you. You thirsted for His presence. Your life cracked open. Your brow was furrowed and your eyes downcast.  But, deep inside you clung to the hope He was there, just as Job did.

Then it came.  Your prayers were finally answered. Your heart was drenched in peace.  His mercies rained down and your doubts and shame were sloughed down the gutter. Your spirit was bathed in His grace. You lifted your hands in relief.

The Newsboys wrote a song over twenty years ago called Let it Rain, from their “Going Public” album. It is Peter’s final prayer before being crucified upside down.  An ancient legend says the Heavens burst open when this apostle, Jesus called the Rock, took his final breath.  In their song, Peter prays, “Lord we’re waiting for Your rain to fall- bringing back the wonder of it all. I can see Your face again when You let it rain.”

Listen to the lyrics. Pray for His blessings.  Let His spirit fall afresh on you today. Be refreshed in the Power of His love.

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