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????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????For the past two years I have treated myself and a few others to an online, animated Advent calendar. Daily, I’d click on the icon and a new puzzle, decoration or story would emerge. Each morning was different. Some days  I made my own ornaments, snowflakes, or wreaths. Some were puzzles to conquer. Others, I learned a lot about traditions all over Europe by  just watching the daily animated video. It was a special way to start each day….until December 26th.

Then, there were no more “windows” to open. I’d done all 25 of them. What a let down.

I realized as I stared at my computer screen with a protruding lower lip that my attitude needed adjusting. Each morning I have the privilege, as a professed child of the King, of opening a new and exciting day that has been orchestrated by my Heavenly Father for His glory. I have no idea what will unfold. I may have to do something, or sit back and simply watch. Some will be more thrilling and “hands on” than others. A few will be “let down” days. But like the animator of this Advent calendar, My Heavenly Lord has created each day meticulously for me to inspire me, instruct me or draw me closer.

No matter what happens throughout the day, I am confident that God is there. Just as the little Advent calendar icon sat on the bottom of my computer screen reminding me I had a surprise awaiting me, so are my Lord’s comfort, mercies and blessings hovering there in the corners of my day. I just need to click on them and bring them up them through prayer instead of computer mouse.

Tragedy can sideswipe us at any given time.I had one of those days this holiday season. I woke up and all was well, until…WHAM. But through it all, I knew whose day it was and that He would always be right there to walk through it with me. Each day when I arise, I can open my heart to God, and He will respond. That is no surprise, and until I am taken into Heaven to sit at the foot of His throne, it will never be over, be it December 26th or any other day of the year.

Each day I can find God in it, if I choose to look. So can you.

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