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???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? In looking over the Psalm assigned to be read for this Sunday, the first verse caught my attention:

             O Sing unto the Lord a new song; sing unto the Lord, all the whole earth.  (96:1)


Why should we sing unto the Lord a NEW song?   I doubt if it means to sing Contemporary (CCM) over the old familiar hymns.  Actually, neither existed when David penned this verse thousands of years ago,  He wrote many of the psalms, and they were all “new” at one time.

Perhaps it is because the birds rise and sing with the sun. Maybe David took that as a hint that we should arise and praise God as well.

Another nugget of Scripture popped into my head-

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
 They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.    Lamentations 3:22-24

Okay, Biblical scholars, I realize Lamentations was written centuries after David’s Psalms, but that to me is one of the proofs that the Bible is alive and God-breathed, as it states in Paul’s second letter to Timothy. So follow me here…

If God’s mercies are NEW every morning, and if we do as is suggested — not to let the sun set on our anger but rather pray it out before retiring so we can sleep  in peace — then we can sing a new song every morning. Each day can be a fresh start. No need to carry over yesterday’s angst, regrets and sins.

I am going to personally renew the commitment to end each day wiping the slate clean with my Lord,  just before my eyes close, by asking Him to give me a new morning when my eyes pop open again.

And I know He will. Because, great is His faithfulness.

Lord, may I be as faithful to You.



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I got an eTablet. Ever since it came free with my new cell phone contract, it’s been glued to my hip. (There, I’ve confessed!)

Now I do read my Bible on it…and play Words with Friends…check my email…read my downloaded eBooks…check the weather…look up facts on the internet…check out who’s said what on Facebook…hey, my Toastmasters’ group even uses the timing app on it. I think it even has a camera.

A few days ago I showed a friend my nifty new toy – but when I turned it off, my cheeks heated. I know my face was crimson. Oh my, all IMAG0021the smudged fingerprint marks! Yuk. Once the screen went dark, they blared at me. I couldn’t see them when the screen was illuminated.

Ah-hah. My thoughts became illuminated as well. I found a lesson from God today on my eTablet screen.

Here’s the God lesson…

If we’ve confessed our wrongs as our faces hit the pillow the night before, and thanked Him for the day we had – whether it was good or bad  – then when another day dawns, our slate is clean. His mercies are new every morning, right?

Yet, as we go through the day, we leave marks. They may be good, or not so good. Depends on our attitude, our actions and our words. If Christ is shining through, the smudges are not as visible. But if we turn off His influence and the screen we call our life goes dark, then all the smudges become more evident. In fact, they are the only things people see.

From now on, I a going to wipe that eTablet down before I go to bed. Maybe it will remind me to wipe the slate clean with my Lord as well.



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