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I looked at the Psalm for the day and snickered at the appropriateness. He shall come down like rain upon the mowed field, like showers that water the earth.”  Psalm 72:6

This week I felt as if a giant lawn mower had plowed over me. My publisher gave official notice it would be closing. That meant all of my books published with it would now be as if they did not exist. I’d been an author with this company for four years and produced seven fictional works, with two more in the works.

If I wanted to self-publish these works or seek a new publisher I could buy the edited, proofed and formatted manuscript, and also the cover design– for a very fair price.  But, the two others I had under contract would not ever come to fruition. The two after that I’d queried in hopes of contracting…poof.

lawn-1812944_640Like a mowed field…

The editor in chief said she’d prayed about it and felt God calling her to close the doors, even though she knew our hearts would tear as much as her own. But she went ahead and put it into motion. We all prayed mightily for her future and our own.

God took that obedience, that freshly mowed to the roots field, and showered it with a new blessing. One that will make this publishing company, and our books, grow and flourish. Had she not made public its closing, it never would have been snatched up by a well-renown publishing house.  All of our books and contracts are in tact, and will have much more exposure to the reading public. All because she agreed to let the company she’d grown from tiny seeds be mowed down, and trusted God had a plan.

My father always rushed to mow the lawn before a thunderstorm. He said it actually would help the grass grow more lush and strong after the rains came.

DSCF8863Sometimes, does not out precious Lord do the same for us? This week, a group of authors were mowed down – now we will be more lush and perhaps a bit stronger in our faith. I know soon we will all blossom in ways we never imagined.

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