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Touching – today it has new meanings.

I googled images for “touch”- I’d estimate 97% of the results were about electronic devices with “touch screens”.   The new Windows 8 is huge because it has a touch screen activated commands for your desktop and laptop like smartphones have.  Today, we keep “in touch” through cyberspace without ever having any physical contact.  Okay – for families separated by job, the military or other reasons that is a wonderful thing. Skype has its purpose. But, my point is  this: a vast majority of us have more contact with our hand-held devices and computer keyboards during the day that we do with humans. What does that say about us as a society?

I hear teachers say they are not allowed to touch their students for fear of lawsuits. No high fives, no pats on the back, no hugs when they see quivering lips and swimming eyes. One I spoke with said she was so excited when she saw a student at the mall who had moved away, so he was no longer in her class. Finally she could rush up, hug him and show him how important he was as a person- something he rarely heard elsewhere in his world. She explained how many times she wanted to do that in  class to him and others but she’d be fired if she had any physical contact at all. He said he never knew- figured she was just like all the rest of the people he knew outside of his hood – all talk and no action. It turns out that he had dropped out, and that supportive hug made him rethink that decision.

lay handsYesterday in church it was different. We passed the peace, shook hands and hugged. When it came time to send out a missionary to Kenya, people rushed to lay hands on him as we prayed.  Those who could not touch him, touched those who were touching him.

No one rushed back to their seats and squirted on hand sanitizer or wiped their hands on their shirts. No one speed dialed their attorney stating someone had inappropriate contact with them. No one sent him a text message instead.

Jesus came down to earth in the form of a flesh and blood person so He could touch lives.  He physically touched people to begin their healing process.

And all the crowd sought to touch him, for power came out from him and healed them all.  Luke 6:19

We are to be Christ’s hands and feet today. He touches others through us. Laying of hands is a way to transmit the love of God. I have been the recipient of people laying hands on me and praying over me. It is very powerful. Any one can lay hands on a friend for healing, comfort, or strength as they pray with them.  While we have physical bodies, we need that physical contact.

True, this blog will reach out and (God willing) “touch” people I will never be able to meet in this life. And I believe the Spirit can flow through the Internet. But as a widow, I need physical contact – the touch of friends in my life. I need that Agape (Christian brotherly love) connection in a pat or a hug. Even if you are surrounded by love and family in your home every day, don’t you need the touch of Christ through others as well?


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