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…. I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. Isaiah 46:4b

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A young woman in our congregation hobbled to receive communion with a scraped knee and Velcro laced cast-boot. When I asked her how she was doing and if she needed assistance, she said this recent injury reminded her of a time as a little girl when she broke her leg and was in a cast for weeks on end. Her father carried her to the altar during church to receive a blessing of healing.

“I pictured later that’s what our Heavenly Father does when we are broken. He lovingly carries us to His altar to receive healing in our soul. As I hobbled through the day now, that image sticks in my mind and I am comforted.”

She found God in her injury.

http://ecards.dayspring.com/ecards/subcat.asp?CategoryID=6&SubCategoryID=47&CardID=401952&Widescreen=False&CurPage=1There are times we need to be carried. Perhaps we’ve hit abump in the road of life and taken a tumble. Our soul has been scraped. We ache and throb, and when we try to get up, we wobble unsteadily. We need the Good Shepherd’s staff to lean on for a while.

ID-100108485Other times, we just need Daddy to cuddle us. Like a toddler we stretch out our arms and whimper, “Up,please.”  We need His warm strength, or maybe just to see the world from a new perspective–on His shoulders.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. James 4:10

In their classic song Flood, Jars of Clay sing for God to lift them up because they are weak, to lift them up so high they cannot fall. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, be it from a friend, a parent, or your Heavenly Father. Sometimes, you just need to be uplifted so you can carry on, or be carried so you can be lifted up in spirit.

Jesus carried his cross so He could now carry us…

  • to be with Him,
  • to rest for a while,
  • to renew our strength,
  • to be comforted.

Lord, lift me up…

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