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“Am I not present everywhere, whether seen or unseen?” Jeremiah 23:23

I had to have surgery, which meant undergoing anesthesia. For a natural control freak like me, not knowing what is happening is a huge leap in trust. Especially when I went under with an IV in my left hand and woke up with one in my right.  It freaked me out because I didn’t recall even getting drowsy after they positioned me on the operating table, and then woke up in a different room realizing time had passed without me being aware of it.

Not to mention trusting the anesthesiologist and the surgical team to do what they said they would in my interest, all the while monitoring my vital signs. I had visions of them laughing at my cellulite. But of course, they are way too professional, right? Even so, being unconscious and naked under a flimsy no-size-fits-anyone surgical garb is a bit daunting. Did I mention I have a strong sense of modesty?

Where did I find God in all of this? Not to say I go through my day unconscious, but I do walk through my life with very limited insight.  There is a lot happening that I am not aware of in both the physical and spiritual realms. Paul reminds us in Ephesians 6:12 that our battles are not always of this reality. There are dominions and principalities in constant spiritual warfare. And we go about our day totally clueless of all the ways we are being guarded and monitored.

Amy Grant recorded a song, “Angels Watching Over Me”, back in the 1990s. She sang about how so many things are orchestrated to protect her that she never sees. All was for her benefit and had a purpose, even though she remained unaware of it.

Perhaps you hit every single red light on the way into work, so you’d not be in the blind spot of the weaving-through-traffic driver three blocks up. Maybe while you waited in line at the grocery store as the coupon queen made sure she had one for each purchase, the dry cleaners you were headed to next was being robbed. We never know—which may be a good thing, in a way.

If I can trust the surgical team to do best by me even when I am not aware of what they are doing, then how much more should I trust my loving Lord?  Quite frankly, as controlling in nature as I tend to be, I’m glad to not always be aware of what is happening outside of my vision. But I hope I do not neglect to thank God anyway.

This past week my life was in the hands of competent individuals. Every day my life rests in the eternal hands who gave those people their abilities. And I’m grateful my surgeon believes it as well.

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dreamstimefree_97858I have a little bird feeder hanging on the tree outside of my balcony.  I fill it with a cup of seed each morning on the way to work. When I wake up in the morning, it is empty, ready for another cup.

Some of the birds perch on the feeder and eat. When they do, inevitably seeds scatter to the ground. The ground birds, doves, pigeons and the like, waddle in to eat the seeds that have fallen into the grass.  Everyone is happy.  Then it’s all used up.

The next morning, it seems as if they are lined up in the trees, waiting for me to come with my cup of seed. 

Can’t we relate this to God’s mercy and blessings which are new every morning? He presents us each day with a full cup. In fact, in Psalm 23 it says that cup runs over. How abundant are the blessings and mercies of the Lord.

It is up to us to receive those mercies and blessings as seeds of His love that can nourish us.  But do we, or do we flit by in search of what we think we are hungry for? What will fill us up – fame, promotions, accolades from our peers?

As we peck into our daily allotment of blessings and mercies, some will inevitably spread to others who need the love of Christ as well. That’s okay.  As followers of Jesus we are supposed to do that. There is more than enough for us, and whoever GOd brings to us during our day. Spread the love. Be merciful,  and bless others with your talents.

In the morning when you rise, anticipate (with humble thankfulness) God’s overflowing cup once again. It will be there.

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