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I spoke at women’s breakfast today. One of the dishes they served was taken from a recipe on the Bisquick box  – the Impossible Pie.  I had made it years ago for my family, back when I cooked meals on a budget and was always looking for a new way to dress up hamburger meat, leftovers or sausage.

What is incredible is that you pour all the ingredients into a pie pan, shove it in the oven, and as if by magic, the layers separate as it cooks  into a tasty quiche-like meal. It comes out perfectly  – crust on bottom, cheese on top and the eggs and other ingredients fluffed up in the center. Seems impossible.

You know this is going to turn into a devo- so here goes.

Our lives can be like the impossible pie. All the things that are happening to us can be mixed up and shuffled together. We just can’t see it all coming together in a right way. But with God in control, all things will come together and turn out in perfect order.

When you follow the instructions on the recipe, it seems as if the ingredients are a bit off kilter. How can so little dough make a crust, and will it come out okay when you don’t take the time to mix it, knead it, pat it down, roll it out and press it to the sides? If I was doing a pie, that’s what I’d do.

When we follow God’s instructions, everything is perfectly measured, even though we think., “Now,  how in the world can that turn into something good? That’s not how I’d do it.”   God’s fiery furnace will  bring it all together in a wonderful way. We just need to trust in that fact.

If you feel the heat turning up a bit in your life, take to heart what Peter wrote in his first letter –  “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.”  1Peter 4:12

Let God work in your life and slowly, things will get in order. The end result will be incredible,  even though you thought it impossible at first.

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