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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Today, I heard a small grind, like the way phonograph needles would sound when they reached the end of a song on an old record player.  A tree limb  rubbing on my window screen? No… too constant.  A weird brid call? No… ah, hah!  It sounds as if it’s going in a circle. Yep, the ceiling fan.

That ceiling fan in my bedroom runs 24/7/365. In winter it pumps the heated air up and around the room. In summer, it is needed to force the air conditioned coolness over me in a refreshing breeze. Ahh – afterall, it is 104 degrees F out there today in North Texas.

Most of the time, I forget it is there. It keeps churning and doing it’s thing. I take it for granted.

In my life, I often don’t hear God. Yet His Spirit which dwells inside me is proof He is always there. Scripture says He will never leave or forsake me.  Every once in a while, I hear Him grinding away at my attitude that needs adjusting, or shaping me for the next ministry He has in store for me, or molding me into the person He knows I can be.  Like the potter at the wheel, He patiently works, whether I notice or not.

Lord, forgive me for the times I take Your loving mercy and grace for granted. Renew in me an awareness of You in my life so I may praise You more often.  You are more than worthy, and I am nothing without You. Amen.

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