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You probably learned this the prayer idea in Sunday School- but it is a good reminder how to pray.

You don’t have to look far and wide for this formula. It is right there in your two hands  clasped together.Praying hands_


Start with the Thumb. It is nearest to you so pray for those who are closest to you. CS Lewis said that praying for those we love is a “sweet duty”. Pray for not only illnesses but their spiritual growth, thank God for their blessings and for brining them into your life.

Then the pointing finger. Pray for all who teach and heal. Pray for teachers, doctors, nurses, EMT and ministers. Pray that they will have the discernment and wisdom in their practices, and that all they do will help to point people to Jesus.

Next, your middle finger- the tallest one.  Pray for our leaders- whether you voted for them or not!  Pray for your boss and for your church leaders as well.


Then the ring finger. Did you know it was the weakest of all our fingers? Pray for those who are in sorrow, trouble or pain that God may give them comfort and strength.


Finally, the pinkie finger. The smallest finger is for us. End your prayers with your own thanksgivings and needs.


Then give God the glory who created your hands. Pray you will be His hands on earth.



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