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I walked from the closet through the bedroom and had to stop just beyond the hall. Somehow, IMAG0152 (1)the toe seam of my sock had skewed and rubbed against the ball of my foot. I pondered. Do I take the time to wander over to a chair in the living room, unzip my boots, rearrange the sock and…? I was running a bit late as it was.

However, logic predicted if I didn’t stop to correct the situation, by the end of the day I’d be hobbling with a giant blister on the underside of my foot. Okay (sigh).

I know there are times my Heavenly Father skews something in my life. It just doesn’t feel right.  Until I stop and deal with whatever it is He wants to bring to my attention it will niggle me. Maybe it is a nudging to go off and spend prayer time with Him, or to stop, close my eyes and listen for His whispers into my soul. It could be an attitude adjustment I need, or simply a different way of looking at a situation that keeps tapping on my subconscious.

The longer I wait, the more it will rub against my day…or week, maybe month. It will begin to grow uncomfortable, move to irritable, and edge into unbearable.

Is there something not “seaming” right in your life today? Better stop and take care of it through prayer. Things often don’t straighten out on their own.

I found God today in a skewed sock seam. Where will you find Him?


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