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You have seen it, too. People seem to ignore clerks. They chat on cell phones, jabber with the person they are shopping with at the time, or just respond with a grunt and a swipe of their debit card.

If you have ever been a check out clerk or a cashier, you know it is not an easy job.  I have never been one, but I empathize with them. Too often they are treated as nonentities, or they take the brunt of the negative comments and complaints. Why do they wear name badges? Because they are there to serve you and it is a common courtesy to know who is giving you assistance. Is it not an even better courtesy to acknowledge them as humans? They work hard for their living.

I was in the store and the checkout clerk looked glum. Her lips pressed into a thin line and she barely made eye contact.  She looked as if she was trying to hold it together until her break.  God pulled my heart string.  I called her by name and asked if her day was doing okay. A light flickered in her eyes and her face relaxed a bit.  She shrugged and said it had been a rough one but thanks for asking.  I smiled back and made an empathetic comment. As she checked me out, we engaged in light conversation.  I thanked her, told her that I hoped she had a better one for now on, called her once more by name and said I appreciated her help.  A smile broke through, and as I pushed by shopping cart away,  I heard her laugh and talk to the next customer.

It took no more time out of my day to be nice and engage a stressed-out clerk in conversation.  Later that day a friend called while I was in another store – yes, it as running errands time.  The conversation was important, but when I got to the check-out, another tug on my heart happened. I was  ignoring the checkout person as I had seen others do so many times and secretly chided them for doing so. I looked at the clerk and mouthed “I’m sorry” and then told my friend I would call her back in a few minutes. I gave him my full attention, called him by name and apologized for my rudeness. His eyes widened and he smiled. He told me no problem. Everyone did it and he was used to it now. Then he thanked me and helped place the bags into my cart.

I saw God today in the faces of both clerks. I also felt Him give me a stern lesson. Golden rule – do unto others. . .

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