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The minister of the church where I work read a statistic a while back. If you want people to “get the message” you have to present it to them in at least three to four ways. We inform the congregation of upcoming events by email, Facebook, pew bulletins and verbal announcements. By doing so, we reach out to most of the people. However, inevitably someone will complain that they “never heard about it.”

I began to wonder. How many ways is God trying to tap me on the shoulder and I am just not getting the message. We humans can be pretty dense headed, right? God sent prophets hundred of years before Jesus was born of Mary to proclaim his coming. Then He sent angels to shepherds and a star in the sky. He spurred three wise travelers to make the trek from their foreign lands.

While Jesus walked on earth, he tried numerous ways to tell his disciples who He was, the purpose of His coming and why He had to die. They just didn’t get thequestion message. Are we any different?

We have the Bible, nature, and the Holy Spirit to relay the message. Perhaps even an angel or two. And yet…

Lord, no wonder we miss so much of what You are trying to tell us. Don’t give up. Keep trying. Help me to find You in my day, every day. Teach me Your ways and renew a right spirit within me. Amen.


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