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43 QueingToday I was taking my son to work, which is usually a three to five-minute trip. But there must have been a wreck or something up by the highway because our side of the street was bumper to bumper for as far as we could see (which was pretty much the car in front of us).

We crept along at 5 miles an hour max on an otherwise 35 mile an hour road. Then we stood still for almost a full song on the radio. Creep a bit more, stop. Inch a few more car lengths, stop.

In  the rearview mirror I saw a ribbon of cars behind me in both lanes. There were no side streets to provide a detour. We were stuck.

That seems to describe my life at the moment. I am creeping along at a speed that is far slower than I want when it comes to my writing recognition, career and monetary situation. I should have gotten to the destination of being where some of my writing friends are by now. I have worked hard for years, studied techniques, attended conferences, hobnobbed with publishers and agents, read “how to write the best novel in the world” books, promoted myself over and over. I want ot stand on the car top and sceam “Here I am! Look at me. Let me through.”  But that would only make me look foolish at best.

I get a commission to write for a missionary society and they like what I wrote, so I creep forward. Then stop. I get a letter saying I am published in a magazine. Creep forward. I get a royalty check off my one of my Bible Studies – under a $100. Creep some more. Had another radio interview. The tires roll a few more rotations. Yet, I feel stuck.

But, just like the traffic jam today, I can’t see what is up the road. I can only see directly in front of me. There are no detours. So, I must plod along only as fast as the car directly in front of me moves. That car is God’s will. He made this road, He made the road blocks, He is setting the pace. I will try my level best to be patient and not blow my horn, or my cool. Neither would accomplish a thing.

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.  Psalm 62:5 NLT

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