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thanks to Peggy Sue Thompson for this photo

A friend posted this on Facebook and stated if it had been her, she’d have cut the tree down since so much of it was missing.   As I looked at that majestic tree the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “I have done this for many whom others have seen as a lost cause.”

I don’t know what happened to gouge out this tree.  But some kind soul saved it by pushing these stones inside the hollow trunk. It was a purposeful act, not a freak of nature.

Thanks to the stones stacked inside, the vulnerable core of the tree was protected from varmints, bugs, and weather. The stones strengthened it and encouraged it to grow straight and tall instead of toppling over. They, by their very nature, add substance and sturdiness to the trunk.

What a testimony of a Christ-filled life!

What are the stones in our lives? Are they our trials, lessons learned, or spiritual nudges when faced with a decision? With the Rock of Christ living in us, stone by stone He is building a testimony.  Each rock is stacked just so in order for us to keep standing, keep growing and keep digging our roots deeper into the faith. As a result, we are able to withstand what otherwise might topple us.

Jesus said in Luke 19:40, “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”  For me, these stones cried out today telling of the amazing work Christ can do in people we may consider lost causes.  They also tell of the work He continues to do in me.  What happens to me through this process is a purposeful act, not a freak of nature. 

May He continue to use whatever He needs in order to strengthen me from within. I pray the same for you.

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From my dear sister – I found God today in her email to me, and this story she shared:

spider-web-with-water-beads-921039_640I read something this morning that reminded me so much of you I had just to let you know. The reading was about a woman who watched a spider build its web while she was sitting on the porch. The spider’s web  was reflected by the sunlight. The web had three strong anchors: one to the top of the railing and two attached to the side rails. As she rested and read, she watched the little spider spin its web.
Then one night a terrible wind storm hit. While others worried about the electricity going out or damage to the house, she worried about the little spider’s web. When the wind was over and the sun came out, she saw that the web had sustained damage to its center but that the strong anchor strands had held it fast and the little spider, who had held fast to the anchor strands, was back at work building a new center to his web.

A life storm hit me out of nowhere this past month. No warning. Wham. She knew about it. But like Peter, I have kept my eyes on Jesus and so far I am not sinking.  I’m clinging to His promises. Her postscript meant the world to me:
I thought of you  and how the strength of your faith gives you something to hold onto and keeps you steady even when life rips a big chunk out of your carefully woven web.  Never doubt that the way you live your life is a powerful testament to the faith that inspires and sustains you!
Although I so wish that storms would stay away from you, I know you will get through whatever comes.
Good luck with your new web! Can’t wait to see how it glitters in the sun.

My friend, may her words inspire you as well. In the web of your life, whatever patterns take shape and whatever storms hammer it, anchor it in faith, hope network-586177_640and love. Hunker down into God’s mighty grace and you, too, will glisten. And what a witness it will be.

God is our refuge and our strength. Our very present help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1

Dearest sister- you are one of the anchors God has put in my life. Thanks.

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