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Several friends have written particularly piercing blogs this week. I want to support them. (I hope they will not mind).


GodGirlGail wrote about howling monkeys and challenged us to voice our witness further.

DiAn Gates had a guest writer, Katie, on her blog who wrote about kudos for yourself versus praising God for the talents He gives you and letting Him, as it says in the Gospel of John, become greater while you become less.

Linda wrote about how God can rebuild lives if we only turn back to Him.

Shelly wrote how God has blessed her through blogging and multiplied her witness of His Good News via the internet.


What do they all have in common? They point to God.

When we put God first, then He will bless us, use us, and rebuild us.  We can see Him more clearly moving through our day, like a comforting shadow a few paces ahead.

Be blessed this weekend and uplifted by reading these excellent blogs. You just find God whispering to you today in one of them.


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