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She was driving down the road, saw this sign and could barely hold her cell phone still long enough to take the picture while she roared with laughter. She texted me- “Why would I rent sin? I don’t even want to borrow it!”

sin for rent

My fellow Christian writer from Canada sent this to me and I asked her permission to use it.  Evidently someone didn’t know how to spell. They left out the “g” in  the word sign.

What happens when we leave out the “g”?  Same thing.  If we do not have God in the cetner of our lives, the “i” takes over and we resort back to our sinful nature. But with the G in the middle, we become a sign for all who are seeking something more.

Oh, and the rent part? Well, are we not really His– as is all creation? We are just the caretakers while on this earth.

Signs are supposed to point to something. When people look at you today as they go about their busi-ness, will they see the “g” in the middle, or not?

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