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The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32:8 (NLT)

Today a memory floated to the forefront of my mind. We’d moved to another metropolis.  After a while my mother came to visit. The second day, as I drove her around, she gazed out her passenger window and sucked in a shaky sigh. “I’m sure glad you know where you’ re going because I haven’t a clue.”

I bit my tongue, but in my mind I thought, “What a silly thing to say. Of course you don’t. You have never been here before.”

But now, years later, I understand her angst. She had grown up and lived (and later died) in one city all her life. She knew the streets, the neighborhoods, and the detours. It was her comfort zone.  Riding around with me in a new town, she was way far out of it.

Why did this surface in my brain today? Because right now I relate to my mom. I have whispered in prayer the very same thing to God. I have no idea where I am headed. Nothing seems familiar on this road…except the other person riding with me.

But instead of saying, “Silly woman. Of course you don’t. You have never been this way before,” God gently reminds me, “Yes, but I do. Trust me one more time. I’m right here with you every step of the way.”

I can feel Him pat my shoulder and almost see Him wink. “And by the way, I’m driving so sit back and relax.”

I suck in a shaky sigh….



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Have you watched a loved one or friend go round and round in circles? You want to help, but they won’t respond. In their anxiousness they keep circling over and over, making the same mistakes and trapped with no way out in sight.

courtesy of Church of the Holy Apostles

courtesy of Church of the Holy Apostles

In the church where I work, there is a meditation garden, called a Garth,  surrounded by a covered breezeway.  My office window looks out onto it. Yesterday, a chimney sweep flew into the breezeway. It circled around and around, flying up to the ceiling and back down over and over. After about three passes, I tried to swing my arms to get it to divert to the left and out into the garden’s open sky. But it just continued on it’s frantic course.  I realized, even  though my efforts were noble and kind, I made things worse.

I worried the thing might die from exhaustion or break a wing as it kept banging against the ceiling looking for freedom from it’s plight. But my presence made it panic even more. My good attempts futile.

Discouraged,  I went back to my desk. And yes, I prayed for the little guy.  Within a few minutes, a juicy bug or perhaps the spring-flower filled breeze coaxed the swift into the garden. It lifted its wings and soared to freedom.

Lesson learned. Sometimes the best we can do is pray and let God coax them out of their circumstances. He knows what will get their attention even when we do not.

And the coolest thing? God made those fragrant flowers or tasty bug long before the swift became trapped.  He knew when they would come in handy to entice the little bird at just the right time. Will he not do even more for those for whom we pray?

For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.     Psalm 48:14

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I have seen this on Facebook- have you?




I began to think of ways to further this analogy – dangerous, I know.

The same can be said for side view mirrors.  They are panoramic so you can glance at those on either side of mirror-appear-1you, pray for them and determine where they are in your life.  The danger is when they appear closer than you think, so they have too much influence on your journey.

Perhaps  you don’t see them at all because they are in your blind spot. Their negativity or destructive agenda almost collides with you and you have to correct your “thinking” course in a hurry.

Or maybe you are just not aware of them being there, and a glimpse reminds you that you should acknowledge them in your life as your paths cross so you can pray for them, guide them or direct them as God sees fit. Maybe God wants you to ride side by side, or perhaps you should steer clear!

However, your main focus should be on where God is leading you in the “now”. In other words, what lies directly ahead. That is not being self-oriented, but acknowledging that He has a plan for you to follow. Selfishness takes over when you grab the wheel and try to steer yourself, eyes glued ahead, oblivious to what is around you–or worse, so focused on where you have been you veer off the road!

This New Year – who will take your steering wheel? Will you follow His guidance as to when to look in the side views and when to look in the rear view? Will you obey when He tells you to just focus on what is immediately ahead?

Have a great trek in 2016!

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