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It has been several blustery “Fort Worth” days,  with 20-30 mph winds whistling through my windows and flapping the cat door back and forth. As I drove my son to work, I noticed the trees.

They were being ruffled gently by the wind. Each limb was blowing in a different direction , bending this way and that. The wind’s gentle force was flowing through them and how one limb bent pushed the wind to the next, and the next. Yet somehow it was all in unison in a natural dance.

It made me think of all of us as the Body of Christ.  He is the trunk, we are the branches. His Spirit moves amongst us, gently bending us to His will, yet we remain firm in Christ and are grounded in God’s Love and Truth, which are the roots of our faith. Just like the trees.

I found God today blowing in the wind through the trees.

It reminded me that I must be flexible enough to be rooted in God’s love and yet bend to His will. I must also let others bend in the direction that God wants them to go, and to be part of the dance of believers as His Spirit moves amongst us.

And the cool thing  about watching these trees was my son’s comment. “That’ll get the dead leaves to let go.” The dead leaves were being shaken off and sent swirling end on end down the street – the way our old ways should be. When the Spirit moves through us, we can more easily cast off our burdens and the things that no longer are life-giving.

Which direction will you let God bend you? Will you be flexible enough to join in the dance, or snap? Will you release what is dead in your life, the things you may have still been carrying with you?

The answer, as the Dylan folk song goes, is blowin’ in the wind.

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