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My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare.  Psalm 25:15


My parents used to take us to the coast each summer. We were told to be wary of the undertow. My sister and I find pockets of this mild quicksand, and at first, it was weirdly intriguing to watch it surround my feet. Cooler than the surrounding sand, untouched by the sun, it held a strange sensation. I could feel the sand particles almost come alive as they encased my feet. But the longer I stood still, the more the sand developed my lower extremities, up past my ankles. I was stuck! I couldn’t wiggle free.  I was helpless.  TALK ABOUT A SAND TRAP!

My eyes scanned for my mother or father as my breaths quickened and the sand crawled higher.  When our gazes locked and my father dashed to free me, I sighed in relief.

An intriguing, not-so-legal situation, a temptation, a movie with iffy scenes can be intriguing. We are drawn to it. Yes, it may not be proper or wholesome or upright. The Holy Spirit may whisper for us to back off, turn away or be careful…even so….  we venture toward the experience.  A little of it won’t hurt.  I’ll just watch for a few minutes. Everyone else is doing it, right?

Then, we might go deeper, watch longer, become more entangled in the deceit.  Soon, we are stuck. This isn’t fun anymore.  Two choices. Try to get free on our own with our eyes solely on the problem as panic begins to gurgle up from our stomach juices, or…

Raise our eyes and seek our Father. Call out to Daddy for help.

Of course, if we had kept our eyes on Him in the first place, we never would have wandered. But no sense going back to woulda, shoulda.  Instead, it is best to ask forgiveness, receive His help, and move forward while holding on to His hand. It may take a while to shake the wet sand from our feet. Actions do have consequences. But if we walk with our Lord in the way He deems, then the undertows in our world will no longer be a snare.

Just as my father splashed sea water on my toes that day to release the sticky, itchy granules, we can be washed in His waves of mercy.


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Last night at our Toastmasters meeting, a friend confessed how driving in the construction zones makes her jittery.

Those overbearing concrete barriers appear to narrow down the lane. She said she prays all the way through them, with her eyes open of course.

Another member said, “Here’s a tip. Keep your eyes straight ahead and fixed on an object in front of you. Don’t look at the barriers. If you do, you might swerve into them.”


The proverbial light bulb clicked on. Literally. His advice sounded like a verse in Proverbs. So I called up my online concordance. Yep, there it was.

Let your eyes look straight ahead, fix your gaze directly before you. Proverbs 4:25

Both were right. When we feel life is narrowing in and there is danger, temptation, or old destructive habits on both sides looming up like concrete – cold, unforgiving and forbearing – then we need to do three things:

Pray (with our eyes open).

Look straight ahead and fix our eyes on the goal – Jesus.

Keep moving, even if it is at a snail’s pace. Don’t let fear or anxiety stop us dead in our tracks.

Be aware of what is around us, just don’t concentrate on it.  If we let our glance veer to the left or right, our minds and bodies may go that way as well.  Result – we will crash. We know what is there, we don’t need to dwell on it. Instead, fix our eyes on things that are above. Seek Jesus up ahead, guiding us down the straight and narrow path. He has already prepared our path.

Trust in that and keep moving towards His light, straight into His waiting arms.

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