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IMAG0296Every morning I curl up on my couch with my coffee and my Bible. (Only way to start the day…I make sure the cats are chomping their kibbles so they leave me alone.) Today, the sun’s angle shone onto my son’s photo on the book shelf catty-cornered to my line of vision. I noticed the crystal cross I had sitting on the shelf near it reflected upon him. Ah!

I love my family. I am sure you do as well. But families are very human. That means we can rub against each other’s nerves at times. We have histories together and we know each other’s faults, mistakes and stumbles. That can color our view of them.

On the other end of the scale, our loyalty and love can obscure who they really are. We develop a tendency to overlook actions or tolerate attitudes we wouldn’t in friends or coworkers because they are, well, family. “Oh, that’s just Uncle Joe.” “My sister can be like that, but you don’t know her as l I do.”  “My little nephew can do no wrong. Sweet and smart as a whip.”

How much clearer when we see them through the cross. When we see them reflected through God’s vision, we can not only see them as His child, as sinners like us in need of a Savior. We glimpse the potential God envisions and strives to mold our loved ones be.  We become more tolerant  and more realistic in how they appear in our minds. Hurts dissolve. Jealousies no longer cloud the issues.

We are also no longer blinded by love and can truly lead the family member to come to know our Lord, who also sees us for who we are. By seeing them through Christ, we can love them in a healthy, productive way and help them to seek forgiveness, change their lives and grow in His will for their lives.

We just have to see them reflected through the cross more often and ask the Son to shine through onto our relationship.

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