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Maybe the old saying that “the clothes makes the man” is true.

In my Bible study group, a friend made an analogy. She stated that the police are just normal human beings. They have to eat, they get sleepy, they have a bad day–just like the ID-100174324rest of us. But, put a uniform on them, and they assume an authority that most people obey and respect. People may run to the uniform seeking help. Or, if they feel guilty over something they did, it may make them cower and turn away.

She went on to point out that we Christians are no different. We all have our flaws, our tendency to sin, to be self-orientated. But when we are cloaked in the cloth of the Holy Spirit, we take on the authority of Christ.  “…for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.” Galatians 3:27

How people react depends on their situation. They may show respect for the wisdom our walk with God represents, and the power of His Spirit growing in us. They may run to us for help, whimpering, “Please pray for me.” Or, they may back away, afraid the Light shining from us will expose their dark secrets. How people perceive them doesn’t stop the police from doing their job, day in and day out.

The analogy goes further. Just as the police officers have to wear their uniforms to do their job, so we must dress in the love of Christ  before we head out to do our job – going into the world to spread the good news of Christ.  And, just as police officers strap on their equipment and weapons which has been assigned to them, so should we strap on the Armour of God (Ephesians 6) before we venture out.

police officer is trained to always be prepared. Putting on their protective paraphernalia, communication equipment, their identifying uniform, and/or badge is all part of their routine before they go on duty. 

Fellow Christian, is it your routine to do the same?


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